Problems With Amazon and Kindle Books

Problems With Amazon and Kindle Books

If we say you can get it for free, we too, believe you can. But we have found that it is not always true.

We discovered there are a few problems that need to be solved when people are dealing with Amazon and Kindle Books:


Q1: I don’t have a Kindle to download to.

A1: You do not need a Kindle. Once you go to the book or Kindle, you will find there are Kindle Application Downloads for almost every device and PC. You can download your app for free.

Q2: You sent me an email for a free ebook, but it is NOT showing it for free.

A2a: Kindle is supposed to start the promotion at midnight (0000) of the morning of the promotion date. But there is sometimes many hours before the FREE link will appear. This is out of our control. Advice: Keep checking back.

A2b: Kindle is not available in all areas.

A2c: You may be outside of the offering area for that promotion (in a different country such as Spain or Italy). Try the following links to see if any are for your area:

Here are the links for all the different Amazon sites with the book reference number attached:



We are sorry if you have experienced any of these issues. Hopefully this guide will help.

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