PhotoReading vs. Brain Management, Mental Photography, ZOX Pro Training, eBrain Executive Seminar

Testimonial of my experience with Brain Management


Comparison to PHOTOREADING

by Enzo C.


Brain Management, Mental Photography, PhotoReading

Brain Management and Mental Photography leaves PhotoReading in the Dust! – Enzo

In summer 2009 I came across a book called “PhotoReading” by Paul Scheele. The more I read the more excited I got. It seemed like the answer on all of my questions. It seemed like the explanation for all of my difficulties in school.

I searched for the next seminar and applied for it.

The seminar was interesting even if it was obvious to me that the

instructor did not have the ability to use her photographic memory (that the course made claims of).

I practiced the exercises at home but quit after a while because no results took place. I did not want to give it up completely, so I “photoread” a book once in a while.

Five months later the second part of the seminar took place. I participated not only because I was curious and hopeful; first of all I had already paid for it.

But also the second part in which we “learned” nothing else but to photoread a few books of the same topic without a break to gain complete information upon one topic did not hold what it promised. I hoped so much that I would get further explanations or exercises that will help me to use my photographic memory… It did not!

I knew that there was more. It really seemed possible…

At that time I blamed the instructor, I thought that it was her fault.

More or less a year later I “googled” PhotoReading. I still had not given it up. I was just desperately disappointed. I came across a commentary that led me finally to the eBrain website where I read the following:

“PhotoReading” is a registered trademark owned by Learning Strategies Corporation.

Paul Scheele of Learning Strategies invented the term “PhotoReading” after attending a Subliminal Dynamics Course in October 1985. In the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course he attended as a student, one of the subjects covered was Subliminal Photography / Mental Photography. This technique, along with other techniques, have been taught by Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management since 1975.

Three months after Paul Scheele attended the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course in October 1985, he started a company called PhotoReading, apparently based in part on what he learned in the Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management Course, even though he was never involved with the research and development of Subliminal Dynamics Brain Management or Subliminal Photography / Mental Photography.

View Paul Scheele’s evaluation for the October 1985 course.

Paul Scheele Course Evaluation

(Please feel free to copy it and distribute it widely. Somehow it has been removed from our websites repeatedly.)

The interesting thing was, even though others would be angry, I was not angry at all. I had finally found the explanation why I had no results and I would now have the opportunity to learn the original. PhotoReading led me at least to Brain Management. Therefore, I want to thank you Paul Scheele!

I thought: “Okay, I tossed so much money for these two PhotoReading seminars, the 200 dollars for the ZOX Pro Training is almost nothing.” Today I can tell you that ZOX Pro Training was probably the best investment I ever did!!!

Before Brain Management I was stuck in my studies. With a highly educated background this was also a big problem for my family.

Today I am not only doing my studies of law without effort, I have also started to study business economy as well.


Photoreading vs. Brain Management and ZOX Pro Training

I am in the unique position (so I have been told) that I have not only completed the two Photo Reading seminars, but I have also completed all stages and courses offered by Brain Management.

The difference between PhotoReading and Brain Management, including the Mental Photography, is like night and day. Whereas PhotoReading leaves you in the dark, and Mental Photography turns on the light like looking at the Sun.

While Brain Management gives you exact instructions how to train your specific mental muscles you need to, and shows you what exercises you should do and how often, and prepares you mentally for the journey ahead. It liberates you to really do these things for yourself. And the support is there if you need it.

PhotoReading only gives you “Run!”. Nothing else, especially no support!

So it may not be impossible that you learn it from Photo Reading – by my experience, it is only hardly imaginable. Besides, why should you learn an “inferior” quality copy if you can do the original (for even less money)?

Brain Management gives you a whole system. It is not only the Mental Photography! Yes, it is certainly right that Mental Photography is the magic pill, the key – if you want – that unlocks your vast (and unknown) potentials. But there are a lot more tools that will help you to become exactly the person you want to be. Believe me, you do not want to miss those!

I thought that since ZOX Pro Training was so cheap, that it was probably underpowered. The exact opposite is true. It is much more full featured than it appears. Yes, they made it easy to learn a very vast and complex system.

As I said I did all the courses that are offered by Brain Management. You will not have to do this as well. Normally one of them is enough to be able to change your life. You are taught to do it for yourself in such a positive way that is hardly possible to describe only with words!

I will provide you an insight into all the available Brain Management training, so that you can choose the “right” one for you:

For clarity: Brain Management, Subliminal Dynamics and ZOX (Pro) is all the same; Mental Photography is also called Subliminal Photography and ZOXing.

ZOX Pro Training

ZOX Pro is an online-course that contains of eight modules. Every module is taught by audio from the Internet and a student guide is also available. You can download the student guides for every module, the audio files of the first module and four relaxation sessions. Of course you have life-long access to the whole course online!

It is recommended to do the whole training within a week (that will take you about an hour a day) and you do this two times to fill in the gaps.

There is a big FAQ-section that answers a lot of questions. You also have the ability to ask anything else by filling out a support ticket which is usually answered within 24 hours. They even send you additional support training by email.

With this course you already get all of the Brain Management tools, just in a condensed format that is easy to understand.

As you might be a skeptical person and may be concerned about spending money for a seminar (and maybe the costs for a journey as well) ZOX Pro will provide you a good insight into the matter. ZOX Pro Training costs only ~$200 and comes with a 60-day-money-back-guarantee.


The Home Study Course has pretty much the same content as the ZOX Pro Training. The only difference is that you get the course material delivered to your home in a package (so you will not have to do the course online). The tools are explained a little bit more comprehensive. It costs amount to ~$400 plus the shipping.

After I had trained using ZOX Pro Training, I told them that I would like to order the Home Study Version. They told me that I would not need it, and that I should do the ZOX Pro Training over again instead. I am a person that does not want to miss anything. I ordered it as well. I do not regret it at all I must admit that they were right. 😉



The Basic Brain Management Seminar lasts three to four days. You get all of the tools and this is well explained. It is great to come across people that think different, too. If you wonder what I mean with “different” just tell someone in your surroundings that you are doing a course that will help you to gain access to your photographic memory again. 😉

It is even better to come across people that have already done the seminar some time ago and are repeating it. Once paid you can repeat the seminar as often as you wish – you only pay a “sitting fee” that is usually around 100 dollars. This is true for the EXECUTIVE Seminar as well!

People that have already been through the seminar see the world through different eyes because they have already completed the learning path, using the tools, and accessing their photographic memory in daily life.

The basic seminar costs about $900. Only for $ to $ comparison: the first PhotoReading Seminar costs about $1,000 dollars; the second one about $500



In the eBrain Executive Seminar you get a much better understanding of how to use the Brain Management and Mental Photography tools in your daily life.

Shannon Panzo, who is the only instructor teaching it at the moment, collaborated with Richard Welch to further develop every tool to new heights.

The second purpose of it is to go into detail with every individual. Everyone has his own problems, his own wishes, as individual people. You gain valuable insight how to realize your personal objectives.

The eBrain Executive Seminar lasts three days, and is only taught in Australia (and sometimes Asia) by Shannon Panzo. The costs for it amounted to about $2,500.

It was the eBrain Executive Seminar that allowed me to realize the whole dimension of might and power that I have sitting there within myself. I am in charge of my life. My life is what I make of it! I had heard this sentence several times before, but I first really understood it during the seminar.

While I was traveling to Australia for the seminar I asked myself if it was the right decision to spend $2,500 for the seminar and even more for the journey… Today, I know that it is not possible to pay for the value of what I truly received!

From my point of view, I must admit that I would make the seminars a lot more expensive. When I asked Shannon why they make the seminars so inexpensive he explained to me that it was always the philosophy of Richard Welch (he is the founder of Brain Management, and is also called “the Father of Mental Photography“) that everyone – who is ready for it and wishes to do so – has reasonable access to it; not only a privileged few that can afford it!


In Summary:

If you asked me what the best thing is that I gained of all this I would say that it lifted the veil from my eyes. I am referring to the “veil” that was blocking me from seeing the real world.

Before Brain Management I locked my problems and my fears as deep as possible and “tried” not to be aware of them. Now I am digging deep, and I have eliminated the word “try” from my vocabulary!!! 😉

I am much more aware of who I am and what I want in life; more spiritually spoken “what I am meant to do”.

Other BIG PICTURE changes include taking RESPONSIBILITY for me and my actions. Even if it may sound strange to you, I am feeling much more a “man” now.

As for the comparison: there is no comparison! Brain Management and Mental Photography leaves Photoreading in the dust! Photoreading has nothing for me and I have no desire to ever pick it up again.

To sum it up I cannot phrase it better than Shannon does:

“The resources that each person has sitting on their shoulders are vast beyond comprehension. Brain Management and Mental Photography is the perfect vehicle to unleash a person’s unlimited ability.”

I can only recommend to everyone – no matter at what point of life – to not miss another day. Take the slogan of Nike as your motto and




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