World Class Meditation – Mind-Body Mastery

I am happy to see that you made it to this page.

The reason I had you come to this page is if you decide this meditation training is for you, then as my client you are entitled to a discount. Please see the instructions at the bottom.

So, here is what it is all about:

Are you aware of the potential for meditation to bring about a clear mind, leading to better health, improved sense of wellbeing, healthier relationships, and better performance at work, study or sport?

If so, you might be interested in the Mindbody Mastery program – an online program for learning meditation, which a good friend of mine has recently launched.


The program provides you with introduction and guided audio exercises (as MP3 files) for 8 proven mind-body techniques, with an innovative 6-month support package with regular interaction and feedback, designed to encourage you to persist with the practice

You can download the MP3 files of the guided exercises to your phone, computer or digital music device, and practice them anywhere, anytime – so easy! It’s available in different accents and voices including Australian, American and Indian

The program has been put together by Dr. Ian Gawler OAM – one of the world’s leading authorities on the therapeutic uses of mind-body techniques, and best-selling author of several books on this topic including “Meditation – An In-depth Guide”, and “The mind that changes everything”

You may like to check out the brief video introduction to the Mindbody Mastery program at


If you are interested, please join up directly at Please type in “zoxpro” in the Promotion Code section when you register (noting that the code is case-sensitive), so that you can get a 10% discount for the program ($97.20 instead of the full price of $108).

I hope you will make good use of this wonderful opportunity.

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