Brain Fact #5: Taken for granted: Breathing, Heart rate, and more


Don’t give it a second thought…

Have you ever thought, “Why do I NOT need to think about breathing – it just happens?”

Basic life functions such as breathing, blood flow and heartbeat are controlled by the brain stem, located at the brain’s base; also known as the Pons (the Medulla) with the lower part being the Medulla Oblongata. The Medulla Oblongata continues on to the Spinal Cord. They have been in the evolution of amphibians, fish, reptiles and mammals, for over 500 million (500,000,000) years.

The autonomic functions regulated there keep your body alive and functioning, even when conditions may temporarily shut down the higher functions located in the larger portion of the brain. The location, between the rest of the brain and the rest of our body, is strategic to maintaining life in the body.

There are many references to you having the ability, or latent ability, to regulate these and other autonomic functions through disciplined and willful thought. As a Yogi can decrease heart rate and breathing, your mind can influence your body to respond both directly and indirectly to be healthful. Your own “Fountain of Youth”.

Shannon Panzo, PhD

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  • Very good this artilcle .May be I can get the information again?
    Tang Rivolsa

  • why you never respond to emails I sent?


    • Maciel,

      We do reply. You must put our email addresses into your address book or whitelist. Here is what you need to install there:

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  • Thank you for the information I am aware of my spiritual and ancient connections and the power of the mind I have parted the clouds and controlled the weather placed thoughts into other peoples minds and I did have the ability to read another persons mind having been given the gift i did not practice and lost it. I also have had success in healing other people thousands of miles away and other mind skills.

    My memory has never been very good and I have struggled to retain information as i have a very inquisitive mind that wants to learn I have studied sacred geometry and have used it to create energy vortexes and I am inspired by its beauty the building blocks of nature. I have always been a slow reader and am at present studying all aspects of common law and I am finding it hard to retain the information and have to keep searching to make sure my info is right.

    I am now retired and very interested in the zox pro process and have mentioned it to my family and friends

    I do not usually write or talk about love as in universal power and my mind skills as most people ridicule them even if they have seen with their own eyes six months later they have difficulty (fear) admitting what happened to any one else.

    May your Zox Pro thrive and expand into the world and its understanding bring peace to it. The linking of minds to achieve great wonders works by the square i.e. 2×2= 4 13×13 =169 100×100=10,000. We are connected to all that is we cannot be separated even if we want to be and we are the creators of our world


    • Rodney,

      You suggest your memory is not what it should be. Most people would find your memory to be better than theirs. They may even tell you otherwise.

      Much to the ire of others, and technology, here is a rule of thumb we use to gage a persons memory. If you feel compelled to take an unusually large amount of photographs, even around seemingly ordinary events or activities, then your memory is suspect. If you keep bringing them to the attention of others or yourself after taking them, then you most likely need to strengthen your memory.

      Personally, I seldom take pictures, because I do not need to. Everything is automatically cataloged and ready to pull out. Just the other day, I drove by a location and remarked that they had removed the old water tank that was there over 6 years ago, the last time I drove by that location. It stood out to me, because I had used the water tank as a directional icon for my internal road map. But in my mind, I could see it as if it was still there – picture perfect.

      Because of the topics you are interested in, you most likely have a good memory. Don’t sell yourself short. However, if others do not agree with your way of thinking, this can cause you confusion, which can lead to you questioning yourself in some regards. We all like to be sociable with people around us. But when they are not accepting of your level of knowledge, or reject it, then they are choosing to break down the communications.

      Life is not meant to be fair. Your challenges are of a higher order. You have attracted it.

      Good Luck,
      Shannon Panzo