Brain Facts #2 – A Good Night’s Sleep

Your Brain Takes Naps


You disconnect when you “microsleep”

Did you know…

Sleep is essential for your brain. Sleep deprivation can lead to “microsleep,” when the brain “shuts off” for a few seconds at a time. An impaired person might lose track of a conversation or task. It is very dangerous if you microsleep while dirving your car.

For a good night of sleep:

Shannon’s Sleep Zone

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  • I am 67 years old and I don’t sleep well. What can I do? I want to take courses.

    • Cecilia,
      There are many circumstances that create a sleeping problem for people. Even age is a factor. When you get older, you do not need to sleep as much. That MAY be what you are experiencing.

      In our trainings, we have techniques you can use to find your way in life and to solve problems. If you feel it is a problem, then you can use our programming to point you in the correct direction for you.

  • Shannon,

    I have a question about your program.
    I have vision in one eye only, legally blind in the other – I do have two eyes,
    so I am not a cyclops.
    Is it necessary for the vision to be in both eyes to use your program??

    Thank you

    • Dan,
      Having vision in only one eye will not make a difference in learning how to ZOX, or Mentally Photograph information.

      However, the way you perceive the world is already altered. You may find ways to balance your perspective through the various applications of our training.

  • Relaxation exercises three times a day plus a good night sleep should sort out the problem.

    • Peter,
      It would definately help. There may be other issues that cause a person to not sleep well.

  • I have severe tinnitus in both ears. A result of unprotected hearing as a helicopter crew member in vietnam. I have a very hard time focusing on any one thing for a length of time. Is ZOX a pipe dream for me??

    • Jim,

      On another post, you made claim that you have previously purchased our training.

      FIRST, We do not answer Training questions here. Please do not ask them here.

      SECOND, We do not have you in the ZOX Pro Training database with the information you have provided. You must provide your proof of purchase for Customer Service.

      THIRD, Please use the ticket system at to submit your question along with your proof of purchase.

      Thank you for doing the right thing.