How Can I Soar with the Eagles when I am Surrounded by Chickens?

The same people have been influencing you throughout your life.

How do you think they will react to you making significant change in your life without consulting with them first?

Some will think you are leaving the fold. Others will take steps to put you back into ‘your box’, so they do not need to make changes in their expectations of you.

What are you going to do?

The Photographic Memory :: Myth, Legend, Fact or Fiction

The elusive photographic memory... ever experienced it?

Chances are you may have come across it in grandiose Hollywood films and television shows.

Furthermore, the photographic memory is expressed in such a way that it seems both superhuman and abnormal!

You owe it to yourself to find out more.

Quiet Intelligence is Quite Intelligent – Horse Sense really…

Quiet Intelligence is Quite Intelligent - Do your pets seem to want to be like you in some way. Studies have found that people often choose a pet that looks like them, or reflect their own personality in some way. Logic would suggest then that since a person may select a pet based on their own self, then it is much easier for that person to assign them human characteristics, much like looking into a mirror.

New Vision with Weather – When it Rains, It Pours

I am about to take you on a fantastic journey of understanding the simple complexities of the human mind, and how it can be used in global consciousness to change the outcome of events. THIS IS NOT NEW! The same practice has been done for thousands of years by various religious and spiritual organizations to influence the direction of our planet by moving the minds and hearts of man in directions benefitting man-kind.

Negative Thoughts – Pandora’s Box of Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

Terrible Thoughts - Do you find yourself thinking about terrible things happening to you or to people around you? Events that people often think about are car crashes, tragedy, murders, and catastrophe. Many of these events will involve people they love, friends, family, and enemies.