Cheating Teachers Teach Students to Cheat Government

A government program (NAPLAN) to help inform families what quality, or lack of quality, schools Australia wide are demonstrating has been corrupted by the very same teaching industry it was meant to support.

The focal point is an Internet based comparison of schools across the nation.  This would also represent where families may prefer to move their children to more prominently positioned schools.  So, by creation of the comparisons that were easily accessible by concerned families, it forced the school system to face the words that strike fear into the heart of traditional teachers everywhere – “Outcome Based Teaching”.


Before I get started, please recognize that this article is not meant to villainize anyone.  Teachers and school administrators are human, with human responses to circumstances presented to them.  It is unfortunate that a few bad apples spoil it for the lot.  The ramifications of the actions of the few have caused much grief for everyone concerned.

But, even beyond this vile action, teachers everywhere need to remember how much they influence the next generation of adults in the ways they think, act and feel about issues that will crop up in their adult life.  If their sense of justice is skewed, so will the results in how they address their circumstances.

Moving on…

So, let’s first discover why this would cause teachers and school administrators to support such dire actions.  When people move their children to a more affluent school, the school they left loses money.  OUCH! The money then is given to the school that gains more students.  The more affluent school then is attracting more money.  (That’s good for the administration of that school.)  So really it all comes down to money, NOT quality of education.

Now, let’s find out what these enterprising teachers and administrators chose to do to keep their position, or even raise their position, with regards of this new charted system.  Standardized tests were given out to all the schools.  Testing was to be scheduled, proctored, and the individual students were NOT to be coached on answering the questions on the test in any way.  Therefore, the results of the tests would show which schools were doing a better job teaching their students than their counterparts.

The Conspiracy:  Teachers cheated.

Here are some examples of what took place:

  • Leaking of the tests to students
  • Coaching the class to arrive at the correct answer
  • Giving the class the right answers
  • Collusion – getting answers from others in the testing area
  • Poor students were NOT permitted to take the tests
  • Poor students were taken to other rooms or kept home, so they could not attend the tests

So here is a billion dollar government “waste of time and money”.  These actions completely corrupted the findings.  Keep in mind, since it cannot be clearly determined how many teachers were involved, it cannot be estimated how the overall scoring was affected.  Therefore, the information is completely flawed and cannot be trusted.  Also, let’s not forget about the school administration.  From what level in the school systems would the command to create such a travesty come from?  Teachers have been conditioned to act only upon the direct advisement of their superiors, even for the topics they are allowed to teach.

What are the lessons here?

  • Teachers are human.  They can lie or cheat.
  • If you don’t like the possible outcome, change it by cheating or lying.
  • Teachers fail to teach well.  Therefore they must cheat to keep what they have gained along the way.
  • Teachers are not to be held responsible for doing their job.  Nor should “great” teachers be rewarded for their efforts.

The most important lesson is not directly about the teachers, but about who is observing what they are doing – the students. What message is this sending to them?

  • It’s alright to cheat others, as long as you get ahead.
  • It is fine to toss millions and billions of taxpayer dollars to the wind by undermining the results.
  • It is fine to sabotage others for the sake of your own petty greed.

What is the lesson that really needs to be learned here that nobody involved is paying attention to?

There would be no need to cheat, undermine, or sabotage the results if teachers were competent and taught their students to be their best. If teachers were doing a fine job, then the question would not be asked in the first place.

Sure, teachers are not going to create a generation of standing geniuses. But, they can teach them a range of important things that are passed over, or at very least are not taken seriously, by the current teaching practices:


Thus, you see a prime example of what happens when teachers don’t – CORRUPTION.

So far I have provided you with a problem that could have a significant outcome that would strengthen the overall schooling system with outcome based teaching.  I have also provided what transpired that sabotaged the government’s efforts that would have led to your children receiving a better overall education by raising the standards.  I have also pointed out certain ideals that teachers are in the optimum place to demonstrate, encourage, and instill into the minds of their students.

What I haven’t offered you yet is a solution to the actual problem to begin with.  Well, here it is:

A Little Mind Altering Experiment:

Imagine that Mental Photography, ZOXing, was taught in school side-by-side with reading.  (We know it can be done.)  We have calculated that a person would have consumed all of their information, from Kindergarten to Grade 12 by the age of 9 – 10 years old.  (Maybe up to 12 years old for those that have issues with disciplining themselves.)  They would then be ready to take on college level information.  By the age of 12, they could have a Bachelors Degree, and moving into their Masters Degree.  (For the less disciplined students; 14 – 16 years for their first degree.)  And we could be turning out Doctors by the age of 16 or even less.

The ramifications are immense. Most of this conversation will be reserved for a later article.  The classroom population and the way teachers administered the knowledge would be completely changed.  To keep this short, I will briefly go over the important points.

Class size would be cut from 30 – 40 students down to 3 – 6 students per teacher.  Teachers are always complaining that class size is too large; therefore they cannot give any one student enough attention.  This would not only allow them to give ample attention to each student, but students that have similar likes and dislikes could be grouped together for a better learning environment.

The teacher’s role would be more the Guide or Mentor. They would provide the structure, but would also be on hand to guide the student, and to help them understand complex issues.

The emerging work force would be highly intellectual. They would be much more prepared to face and solve the problems previous generations have left for them to deal with.

With high levels of information also come high levels of responsibility. The student naturally develops a sense of self worth and responsibility for their actions.

In short, society would have a completely different outlook on education.

Teachers would not need to cheat

In the previous discussion, teachers felt they needed to cheat a system of accountability to assure they would not lose position or their employment.  In the scenario I have just painted for you, teachers would be respected for guiding their students faster than anyone can imagine in today’s world.

There would be no need to have comparisons between schools to begin with, so the website that was created would not be needed.

Parents would be happy with their child’s stellar performance, and would not need to seek better more affluent schools.

School administrators could do their job comfortable in the knowledge that their responsible position would not be challenged because even what used to be considered “unteachable” were now being taught; so they could take their place in society. Some of these would turn out to be off-the-chart geniuses that would have fallen through the cracks.

You are asking:  “So why is it not being done already?”

Often I am asked why such a superior devise such as Mental Photography is not taught in schools?  Hopefully, this will shed some light on the reasons why.  And yes, it doesn’t make sense.

Again, I will keep this short. Besides the curriculum not set up to accommodate this accelerated learning pace, there are factors which are outside of the intended outcome, but do structure how things are done.

BureaucracyGovernment organizations do not accommodate these changes.

Teachers – Don’t want to change the way they are teaching. (There are renegade teachers that do want this.)

Parents – Many parents don’t understand it therefore don’t want it; because they were not taught this way.

Legacy – The way things have been done for over a century.

And there are other minor factors.

In Conclusion:

The events that took place and caused this article to be written in the first place are ludicrous.  This article points out the crux of why the educational system fails to teach properly – the human factor.  Isn’t it about time that teachers and school administrators take responsibility for how they influence the future?  (Again, I am suggesting only a small number of these people have caused grief for everyone in the industry.  There are only a few rotten apples in the mix.)

I have accepted the fact that Brain Management and ZOX Pro Training does influence the world – one person at a time.  Brain Management and ZOX Pro Training were created to free people from the things that bind them.

Great Things Happen Here!

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  • Bravo! There are a range of subjects and trainings that would vastly improve students. ZoxPro is certainly a premier one.

    I’d cheerfully add Robert Kiyosaki’s Financial Intelligence trainings. And John Assaraf’s “The Answer” as mandatory topics and studies.

    But the forces you note in your Cheating Teachers essay, WILL always run away from such goodness.

    Charlotte Eyserbyt’s “Dumbing Down of America”, a USA education-system expose book – explains many reasons why the general population (viz underclass) are deliberately kept away from power knowledge and from control knowledge in society.

    Just a thought!

  • This is truly a theoretical question that you may not even consider answering, but I am sincerely curious about it nonetheless.

    What would happen to society if Zox were truly taught in schools the way you describe? If everyone had the ability to gain a doctorate by age 16, then what would happen to all of the janitors and landscapers in the world?

    Nobody would want clean floors with this kind of power and, if everyone possessed it, society would collapse. Right?

    I would just like to hear what you think about this scenario. Thanks!

    • Kameron,

      I think you already know the answer to this, but it well worth repeating.

      People that are lacking education, also lack the ability to make decisions for themselves. This is the reason many of this same type of person looks to the government to look after them and tell them what their decisions should be.

      When people are educated, they can make their own decisions. They can make decisions about who they want to be and what they want to do in life. So, without the education, that option is removed from their existence. Choices are reduced tremendously.

      (I hope your following this…)

      Recently, it has been “in vogue” to go live as a homeless person does, to learn something through the experience. One of the things it does teach you is that even though most people do not choose homelessness, their is actually a small percentage of people that do choose to be homeless. To put the icing on the cake, some of those same people are highly intelligent and decorated with degrees. For whatever reason, they choose to be homeless and not have that responsibility.

      So, the point is, if everyone had a high education in their early years, they would have the ultimate platform to choose to do what they want to do. And yes, some of those people would WANT to be janitors, factory workers, landscapers, etc.

      But they don’t do windows! (Ha Ha! Gotcha’)

      Another way to look at this is 95% of people hate their job. If they CHOSE their way in life, that number would definitely move. What would happen if it moved to 50%? WOW! Can you imagine job satisfaction at 50%?!

      I think society needs to given the chance.