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  • Hi,

    I hope you are well.

    I started ZOX Pro Training a few months ago, and I have completed the entire series. I can recall easy readings, such as novels, after ZOXing. It works!

    I want to recall more specific information, such as names, date, and places.

    I am still ZOXing at least five to six days out of the week, and I use the recall methods. How do I improve recalling factual college materials?

    Su Wai

    • The main thing is you clearly see you are having results.

      As you continue to use ZOX Pro Training as a whole life enhancement system, you will be able to recall better and better. You will also see great things happening throughout your life. Some will be from your programming, but others will be automatically created for you by your subconscious.

  • Dear Shannon,
    Does the system work with ebooks, or is it only for paper books ?? I have so many ebooks on my PC that I need to read or (mentally photograph)..

  • Hello,

    If I’m going through a book so fast will I still be able to stop and look over words I don’t know? it’s difficult to understand a book that you don’t know the meanings of the words in the book.

  • Hi. I bought and studied your Mental Photography course (ZOX Pro Training) and practiced every day as suggested. I ZOX anything and everything. Sight Reading Music has definitely become a pleasure. I no longer feel any anxiety (I have been a professional musician and teacher since 1971) and it is definitely easier to do.
    Thank you,

  • Hi,
    I am looking for something to use with my kids from an early age to help them grow with a positive attitude and understanding of the law of attraction. Is this program suitable for that? Also, how early can I start this program with my children?

    • Zeinab,

      ZOX Pro Training is great for that. We have many parents that use this training as a benchmark for the ongoing expansion of a positive environment within their children’s lives.

      We encourage certain concepts such as “responsibility for your actions”. This goes hand in hand with the Law of Attraction.

      We would recommend that you learn it yourself, then you can use it both for a resource or a training depending upon their age. You are definitely taking the right approach. Most children above 7 will begin to understand the higher concepts, especially when led by you.


  • I live in India (Delhi) and I have an eleven years old son who is not good at academics. He distracts easily as he has some SPD (Sensory processing disorder) and hand writing issues. You have other websites also, like and Both these websites offer two (maybe more) separate courses. I don’t know which course to begin with. Please suggest which course should I start with for early results to retain motivation.

  • I want to go to the seminar. How can I get info?

  • I want to know if the audios you need to listen with the ZOX program for relaxation are binaural beats or Brain Entraiment.

    I need to know this because for myself they have preven to be very harmful.



  • Hi

    If this is true, then its unbelievable.

    My question is which is better; to go to the live seminar, or to purchase the online zox pro training?

    • Ahmed,

      The live seminar is always better in many ways. More information, more application, direct instruction and your questions answered, etc.

      If you are willing to travel to Australia or the USA the seminars are best. ZOX Pro Training will be your best second choice. If you are really interested in attending the seminar, then we will provide you more information.


  • Hi,
    I have visited and I was so amazed and interested in ZOXing (Mental Photography). But I want to make sure that I can learn it. I only have one short_sighted eye because of an accident .
    Can I really learn ZOXing?
    Please send me an reply email. Thank you for your great work!

    • Hieu Tran,

      Yes, you can learn to do this, even with your existing issues. As long as you do not limit yourself as to what you are able to do, the ZOX Pro Training will provide it to you.


  • Hi, Shannon please tell me how much of the training should I do a day ie how many modules should I cover
    in a day to see results.

    • When our clients start, we suggest 4 – 7 days to go through the training the first time. Subsequent times through the training will enhance your knowledge and details.

      ZOX Pro Training is a complete system. ALL the exercises should be done each day. All of the components are synergistic to get results quickly.


  • Good day.

    I recently purchased your ZOX Pro Training online and enjoying it a lot. Please give me some more information regarding the ZOX Pro Challenge? What is required?

    Thank you very much.


  • The Free ebook is not working again.

    Please advise.

    Thank YOU

  • Hello,
    i would like to ask if you are going to hold any workshops or seminars regarding ZOX ?

    • Meera,

      Please send your location (address) and Phone number to support [at]
      We do not automatically know where in the world you are located.

  • Shannon: I just finished all of the modules of ZoxPro few days ago. I am so excited to see how this works for me.

    A little over a year ago I started practicing Transcendental Meditation. Do you think this will affect my results? I worry that my relaxation might go in to a deeper level than is necessary.

    Hoping for great results!

    • Carol,

      We do recommend that our clients set aside their other pursuits, so they can see what difference this one training makes in their life. But what people choose to do is of their own making. TM is a good form of preparatory work in the direction of meditation, but we do not have specific recommendations on one method of meditation over another.

      Our meditation (Relaxation Sessions) are meant to be lite, not deep. So, it is best if you do them both separately if you want to continue using TM.


  • How much time is required a day to do all the exercises?
    It seems like it would take a few hours.

  • Can I get ZOX Pro Training system even if I live far away in Serbija?

    Do I get full ZOX Pro Training system by purchasing home course or online.

    What are the benefits of online training system in compare with home corse.

    Does ZOX Pro Training teach the Law of Attraction?


    • Bozidar,
      If you cannot purchase it through normal means, then we should have other methods of payment that suit you. Please submit a ticket to the Helpdesk,

      The Home course, which is physical, is treated differently than ZOX Pro Training because it is physical. The results expected are similar. If you are in Serbia, then you should be going for ZOX Pro Training – on-line. There will not be delivery hassles.

      Law of Attraction, yes.


  • Does online training have some date limit or I can use it for whole my life?

    • Bozidar,

      This is the type of question we love to answer.

      You will have a lifetime of use. We want our clients to really learn this, so we recommend you come back from time to time. We have been providing since 1975. We will be here tomorrow.

      Shannon Panzo

  • Can ZOX Pro Training really hellp my brain to create new brain cells? I read somewhere about that.

  • If I pay once ZOX Pro Training, do I have a life time of use or must I pay again later?

  • I am gonna by this for sure! The best hypnotherapist from Serbia told me this program is made on the correct basis for long lasting effect. Can I ZOX college material?

  • I’m considering purchasing ZOX Pro Training. Would I be able to share it with my son who is attending college in another state?

    Thank you,


    Ade A.

  • Hello I do not speak English. How do I use this program?


  • Shannon,
    I purchased ZOX last year. I have severe tinnitus in both ears. I suspect from from my time as a crew chief on helicopters in Vietnam. Meditation seems impossible. Am I not putting enough effort into it or could the tinnitus my hinderance?

    • Jim,

      FIRST, We do not answer Training questions here. Please do not ask them here.

      SECOND, We do not have you in the ZOX Pro Training database with the information you have provided. You must provide your proof of purchase for Customer Service.

      THIRD, Please use the ticket system at to submit your question along with your proof of purchase.

      Thank you for doing the right thing.

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