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It all begins with your ability to use your brain, especially your Photographic Memory.  This is a real experience I recently had that expresses how much fun it can be when you have good access to your photographic memory, and the mental agility to play connect the dots with relevant information.

During a conversation, I needed an analogy for the difference between what we perceive we want, and what can happen when the thing we think we want, we get; and then things go terribly wrong.  (This often happens in forming relationships.)

So out of my infinite resources a ‘saying’ pops up.  This saying is old, outdated, but very valid for what I am disclosing to the other person.

Don’t live under the Jackfruit tree

WOW! That IS obscure!…

First, Jackfruit, when it is ripe and opened up has many small fruit inside.  Like opening a treasure chest.   But these fruit grow in a pod.  Each pod can each weigh up to 40 kilos, or about 85 pounds.

When these fruit pods fall, it reminds us of Manna from Heaven.  But, on the other hand, if one falls on you, you could be seriously injured or even die from the experience.  So, what we are looking at is a ‘mixed blessing’ or ‘too much of a good thing’.  That is why it makes it such an appropriate analogy.

You may find yourself really wanting something with all your heart.  It may even come your way or be given to you.  But once it is yours, you may find it is a lot more than you bargained for.

How can you prevent this from happening?  Learn to use your mind.  Your brain is truly powerful.  Use it!  If you know how to ask, it can steer you clear of the roughest waters.

ZOXing, or Mental Photography not only taps into your photographic memory, it can also give you the balance you need; so you don’t find yourself “Living under the Jackfruit tree”.

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