What is ZOXing?

As promised in our earlier blog post (The Best Speed Reading is NOT Speed Reading! It’s ZOXing!), we now want to tell you what ZOXing is…

Primarily, ZOXing is 2 different things:

1.        ZOXing is the same as Mental Photography (invented in 1975 by Richard Welch, “the Father of Mental Photography“.  Mental Photography taps into the natural photographic memory we’re all born with and allows us to take in information at extremely high speeds with extremely high retention.  Mental Photography also exercises our brain in extraordinary ways.)

2.       ZOXing is the ZOX Pro process as a whole, all the different components of ZOX Pro training (it gives you an easy way of saying that you’re performing any component of the ZOX Pro training).

To give you just a little of the flavoring of what “ZOXing”  is, it can also be used as a noun, verb, and as an adjective.  For example:

ZOX (n) = “I want the ZOX (Pro) package” – or – “I’m ordering the package named ZOX (Pro)”

ZOX (v) = “I don’t read, I ZOX!”

ZOX (adj) = “I’m ZOXing my information.”

In our next post, we’ll share with you some of the specific things ZOXing can do for YOU!

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