Following Tiger Woods? But you just can’t keep it up?

If you want to get current on golf, all you need to do is Google “Tiger Woods”.  The MAN has become a legendary icon already and he is not even breathing hard.  There is so much information on the Internet about Tiger Woods, that it would be nearly impossible to know it all —  or so most people would have you believe.

Your PC can give you a mountain of information in moments.  But how do you expect take in all that information?  What most people use is reading, or better yet, speed reading.

With the mountain of information you are faced with, both reading and speed reading just are not good enough. You need something faster, and more comprehensive, than either of those.  You really need to use your photographic memory — the one you were born with.

You need ZOX Pro Training!

You see, that is just one of the things that ZOX Pro does for you.  Mental Photography, that we invented 35 years ago (1975), engages your brain in extraordinary ways.  It taps into your photographic memory, and gives you the ability to put information directly to your long term memory at the Speed of Light!

From now on you don’t need to be limited to the bottleneck on your information superhighway.  You can move along at light speed.

You can even shave strokes off of your own golf game using ZOX Pro.  As I mentioned earlier, it engages your brain in extraordinary ways.

I don’t read.  I ZOX !!!

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