Global Warming – Politicians Passion or Subversive Fabrication

A note from Shannon Panzo, the author, after the fact: It has been brought to my attention that some of the people that read my messages may think this particular article is outside of my character and my usual writing. This suggestion that I am outside my normal objectives is completely wrong. This is why:

First, one of the first premises for this blog is to challenge – a think tank; a pressure cooker for the mind. These have been there since it’s inception.

Second, This was an article meant to exercise your brain. By giving you a compelling argument, you need to not only have plausible answers and directions, but the best answers have fundamental, logical, or progressive foundation to base the comment on. You can see this in my responses. A well written and justified response would get my ‘Kudos’. A half-baked response would usually gain a ‘what if’ or a thought provoking suggestion. A response that was unfounded and didn’t have a basis to stand on was gently brought to the attention of its author (So as not to alienate anyone).

This exercise was not about winners and losers. It was not about what side you are on. It was not about what we must do in the end. It was about response! I wanted to see how people would respond to this article. I obviously struck a few cords. As you THINK about HOW to answer the questions raised, this exercises your mind. It commits you to think outside the square, and causes you to GROW!

In short you could say that I gave you a Brain Building task. So, no, this article is not out of character. It is with the true theme of Mind to Mind – The Brain Accelerator! [Please Read On…]

PS: I also congratulate the people that participated in the challenge by way of your comments. You made my efforts worth while!

Exercise Your Brain…

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Absolutely Remarkable!

That is the only thing my observations have revealed about the controversy of Global Warming. For years now, I have observed the media and the politicians led down the merry path “For the good of all”. A path that has more holes in it than aged Swiss cheese. From pollution inhibiting ventures such as the Kyoto Protocol to the Carbon Trading Scheme, there is one thing that has the scientists clutching at straws.

After an alleged 30 year warming trend, since 2001 the temperature has flatlined. All the global warming that should have taken place in the last 8 years has not. On March 2, 2009, Michael Reilly writer for Discovery News reported:

According to a new study in Geophysical Research Letters, global warming may have hit a speed bump and could go into hiding for decades.

Earth’s climate continues to confound scientists. Following a 30-year trend of warming, global temperatures have flatlined since 2001 despite rising greenhouse gas concentrations, and a heat surplus that should have cranked up the planetary thermostat.

“This is nothing like anything we’ve seen since 1950,” Kyle Swanson of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee said. “Cooling events since then had firm causes, like eruptions or large-magnitude La-Ninas. This current cooling doesn’t have one.”

Instead, Swanson and colleague Anastasios Tsonis think a series of climate processes have aligned, “conspiring” to chill the climate. In 1997 and 1998, the tropical Pacific Ocean warmed rapidly in what Swanson called a “super El Nino event.” It sent a shock wave through the oceans and atmosphere, jarring their circulation patterns into unison.

How does this square with temperature records from 2005-2007, by some measurements among the warmest years on record? When added up with the other four years since 2001, Swanson said the overall trend is flat, even though temperatures should have gone up by 0.2 degrees Centigrade (0.36 degrees Fahrenheit) during that time.


This is intended to be Part 1 of a Series of Blog Dialogs that I would like to get your input on. I am going to start the ball rolling here:

First, I want to make a statement. I do believe that the human race is slowly destroying the world we live in. I do believe we pollute too much. I do believe we should be proactive in taking stance against pollution.

I do believe that renewable sources of energy have long been put aside for the benefit of the wealth-lust of the entities that make money from the having it the other way – their way. I do believe that there are agendas ongoing that are not revealed to the public. Agendas that would really make most people reconsider which side they stand on.

The largest polluting countries in the world are also the countries that choose NOT to sign onto limiting structures such as the Kyoto Protocol. India, China, the USA, to name a few of the big players.

Another interesting Phenomenon that happened in the past year – The hole in the ozone layer closed over Antarctica. (That’s Nice.) WHY?

Now, even though the inhabitants of Earth have been cutting down forests, polluting at a rate never before experienced (it did still go up), the rise of temperatures have stopped over the last 8 years. Is it time for rejoicing? Of course not. It simply means that our ‘gloom and doom’ scientist have bit off more than they can chew.

A Loud Minority Threatens Clear Thinking

At the same time the scientific community has been split on this matter. Because of a LOUD minority of people causing a landslide of public opinion, the opposing scientists have been in the background, studying the facts and shaking their heads.

Times and Technology Has Changed

There are places on Earth that even today are considered virtually uninhabitable. Since 1970 weather stations have been set up in these normally inhospitable environments, like the deserts. Why only have these places been monitored from the 1970s onward? Because technology allowed us to finally be able to remotely communicate with the stations, through satellites that were not in orbit before then.

Flawed Data May Critically Damage the Studies

Have the studies uninherited the legacy of all these nice hot temperature readings, no. So, as more weather monitoring stations were installed since 1970, the temperature of the Earth increased. Also, during that same period, many more air-conditioned buildings and asphalt surfaces, such as parking lots were placed in cities. The result is localized increase in temperature. Were these temperatures accounted for, no. Even if the studies had been calibrated for them, they are inherently flawed due to the sheer number of what can be erroneous temperature reading from mis-calibrated instruments providing the data.

The reason I mentioned air conditioning is in 1970, it was considered a luxury to have air conditioning. Air conditioning removes heat from inside and transfers it to the outside. The result is local air temperature goes up. Silly, right? Just think what percentage of buildings use air conditioning now compared to 1970.

The Double Edged Sword is Destroyed

A few days ago, NASA launched a one-of Global Climate Monitoring Satellite. It failed to disengage from the rocket and burned up in the atmosphere. The planning stage of this satellite started during the 30 year heat-up. It took years to build. It was destroyed before it could monitor a single temperature to prove, or maybe “DIS-PROVE” that Global Warming is happening at all from man-made sources.

FACT: Every planet in the solar system is heating up right now because the sun is putting out more energy during its natural cycle. Could it be that the recorded temperature differences are just coming from the sun, more than man causing it at this time? Sure, humans indeed are adding to the problem. But maybe, we are the insignificant problem at the moment.

Your Challenge

The gauntlet has been thrown down. By picking it up, you will be enhancing your mind power and increasing your ability to observe, think, and analyze using your brain. Are you up to the challenge?

As I said before, I want you to get involved. I am going to stop at this point. I really do want to know how you feel about all the hoopla. If you are going to take a side, Tell Me Why. I am an observer. I see both sides. I want to know how you feel about this, and why.

Your Question is: Out of a score of 1 to 10, please rank whether a 10 meaning that you agree with the doom-sayers, and we are going to completely and irreversibly wreck our environment within the near future at the current increasing rate of pollution and carbon production, or 1 that it’s a complete fabrication and it’s another money grubbing scheme of special interests groups, or somewhere in between. Please include your reasons why you think this way.

Please Enter your observations in the Comments area.

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  • global bla bla, more like Earth’s magnetic field is fluxing, the fact is the data is not complete , if I were scientist I’d say, prove the math not the fantasy.

  • Well at first reading I didn’t comprehend even 20 percent of the essence these messages have. At the same time I was trying to relate what this is got do with brain accelerator program. Why is this stagnation phase in the temperature? Is it reaching some kind of climax before something big happens?

  • I used to be a doom-sayer myself, mindlessly repeating what I hear due to my trust in the authorities and the media. Now I pretty much agree with the above article. I did the research and I don’t believe in a significant AGW caused by CO2. The fact that the scientists claim that “The debate is settled!” and all that crap shows just how unscientific the debate really is.

    Similarly, after an in-depth research I also lost my belief in the HIV/AIDS theory last year if anyone is interested, which is a much more politicized debate than the GW, and also much more important in my opinion. You probably didn’t even know there was a controversy, and that has a reason. I also developed skepticism for a few other theories last year. Right now I tend to believe that the earth and other planets have been expanding/decompressing for example; it appears likely that all the continents were once connected from ALL sides on a smaller earth. So yeah, science isn’t done yet. We’ve a long way to go and we’ll go faster if we could be more open-minded and objective…

  • Yasser,
    Thanks for that. Lets explore the ‘man-made’ Scenario. First, let’s assume the world IS warming. (I am still open to this) Let us also assume that we are definitely contributors to a growing problem. From the report, temperatures should have gone up by 0.2 degrees Centigrade (0.36 degrees Fahrenheit) during that time 2001 – 2009. On a global scale, with all the temperature monitoring equipment that is providing input, if you add up all the calibration mishaps, how would they know for certain that they even have the right temperatures.

    There is an engineering principle that a measuring device is only as accurate as 1/10 of tolerance. Multiply that by hundreds of thousands of man-made devices, some even pre-1970, (Some of these devices would have moving parts that get brittle with age and continued movement.) and it would easily account for such a temperature difference on a Global scale. I am vaguely surprised the numbers are not higher!

    With the temperature differences that are discussed, it’s easy to arouse public outcry without endangering the actual outcome, whether it’s true or not.

  • I have learned over time, that if the GOVERNMENT is involved, it’s a lie. Just another way of controlling the people and making new laws.

  • Yasser H. Al Rawashdeh

    Dear Brainy,

    Thanks for your valuable subject and I wish to confirm that, It’s a money grubbing scheme of special interests groups and politicians to steal money. Nobody can deny that natural principles are involved in in the Globe Warming minimally. But, the main core is man made and its badly and unethically being used by the greedy, dirty minded, and Decision-making groups.

    Yasser H. Al Rawashdeh

  • I agree with comment 10 above. Tesla was right and Westinghouse/Edison basically led us down the primrose path. Additionally, Al Gore and his band support the implementation of the new world [dis]order, so global warming, like our freakish weather [likely caused by HAARP], professional sports, the sugar, gas, coffee, banana, etc. shortages of the 70s, is just another distraction to 1- keep our minds off the world enslavement process, while 2- giving the elitists insight on who supports their cause and how the masses react. It contributes to the further refinement of controlling the masses. Without the control freaks running rampant, we could get pretty close to UTOPIA here, imho.

  • Personally, I’d say “1” out of 10. I am not convinced at all about Global Warming. I really believe it’s grossly exaggerated. I also think the education system in America is seriously flawed, since 5th graders a hundred or so years ago had read Shakespeare, yet nowadays, it’s very common to see 5th graders who cannot even spell simple words. Global warming, I’d say, is a sham, as is a lot of other politically motivated ideas.

  • I have formed the opinion that global warming is a myth. A whole industry has been spawned creating billions of dollars of investment but all calculations are based on recorded evidence from a minute fraction of the time the earth has been in existence. The human race has no concept of large passages of time because we have only been here a short time and only live for a few years. Science thinks it has the answer to everything but it is fundamentally flawed in that it takes theories as fact without the necessary irrefutable evidence it should demand. Evolution is a theory – no proof exists to make it fact. Global warming is a theory – no proof exists to make it fact. We should use alternative energy from renewable sources but only on an individual level to free us all from the corporations holding us to ransom. Everyone can generate their own energy from the sun and wind and free themselves from the corporate monster but the corporate monster obviously does not want this and spends fortunes forcing governments to support their monopoly.

  • Hi every one,
    The GW issue, I agree with Shannon, for sure we do every day things that do worse to climax.
    I think there so many and unmeasurable problems that have to be consider. What we can observe daily the temperature in big cities is higher than the limits of cities; generalizing this, we have parts of earth where temperature increased in last decades, but also parts where temperature decreased and overall the average temperature might be the same.
    Writing this words, I remembered one of my Geography lessons (back in 80’s) when my teacher told us about the inclination of Earth. She said if this inclination goes up or down the climax will change dramatically. When the big earthquake happened in 2004, on CNN somebody said that one of the satellites measured a difference of the inclination of earth.
    The earth has a very well balanced spinning movement. Consider when you balance the wheel of your car, and the mechanic loads the wheel with weights to balance it. I would say the same thing happens with the Earth when we move the big forests (by cutting them) and mountains (by grounding them to make concrete) in order to build cities long far away from the originally of row materials. Slowly but surely, moving this weight from a side to another we’ll destroy the balance of earth.
    And there are so many other things that have to be consider…
    Somebody wrote above if it’s Government, everything get’s blurred…so true.
    Good day to everyone

  • Shannon – I do agree that we have over-polluted the planet through our excess, greed and over-control of food sources (hormones in meat, chemicals in tomatoes, etc.) – as well as other things. So, we do need to strive to work with the planet – not against it in a controlling way. In history, as in today – it all comes down to trying to control the masses in a lot of ways. In the end, Mother Nature has the last say – which is something that we don’t always have control over. I don’t follow the Moobaa in the belief of Global Warming. I don’t always believe politicians or large corporate agenda. I think people need to do their own research and make up their own mind and not follow political or social agendas put out there for profit or control tactics.

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  • Score = 3 out of 10
    I am still awaiting the impending ICE AGE after the winter of 1963 in the UK.


  • This is great, as we are expanding our thought processes and range of thinking. I give global warming a -4 of scale of 1-10 as our world has been taken over by greed. Truth has been pushed aside by huge government and corporations in search of money and control because the internet scares the living @#%& out of the powers that be, because all of the idea sharing and discussions that are worldwide and continue every day. We are seeing everyday with gas prices and stock prices that the power proxy is struggling to keep a tenuous grip but cannot, and all the money has not disappeared only changed locations and been misdirected to fool us all into gloom and doom. We create our own world and prosperity
    and there is no limit only in what we choose to dream. Thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • There is evidence of global warming so I don’t think is a complete fabrication, and it can be quite daunting to hear from scientists that we are all causing it. Whether we are causing it or not, it won’t do any harm to take measures against prolonging it. Even if the scientists are misguided or not, at least they are trying to focus everyone’s attention on it. As for the greedy people trying to make a fast buck out of it all, well there will always be plenty of those around. In the UK some people have lost their homes through coastal erosion, which is supposedly due to global warming.
    I think we are capable of destroying our own planet if we carry on regardless (Not in this lifetime though). BUT, we are also capable of preserving the planet by getting a bit more involved and being more aware of the environment. We learn from our mistakes.
    I think I’m middle of the road on this one as I am not scientifically minded and no-one has all the answers.
    Here, in the UK, years ago, our cities had the most terrible smog causing a lot of illness and deaths, then we passed the “Clean Air Act” and we all had to burn smokeless fuel. What a tremendous difference it made! Smog is a thing of the past here now. What I’m saying is that we do contribute to effecting small disasters but we can also correct our mistakes, or at least try, even if it does cost money to do it.

  • Hi Shanon, thanks for the debate.
    I’m 8 out of 10, yes the earth goes through hot and cold cycles and currently we are meant to be getting colder! Ref: TV documentary.
    But is it valid info? Don’t know.
    What they were saying is white reflects heat (black absorbs) and as the caps melt, we lose the white on the face of the earth.
    PS: I haven’t forgotten, my testimonial is still coming 🙂

  • Oh and also the arithmetic (average doubling) of the world population versus resources – Mother nature has to balance the equation. Ref:

  • I don’t think it a complete fabrication either. But from the consistent opinion that I am seeing from others that are commenting there does seem to be a resounding sense of suspicion that we, the public, are being treated like mushrooms. It seems that we are being kept in the dark and fed ‘compost’ (clean). Another opinion that seems to be a secondary theme, is that people are tired of being ripped off by the same people in the system that feed them lines like, “It’s for your own good”, “So it never happens again”, and “We are protecting you”. Funny, I don’t feel any more protected than I already am.

    On the lighter side, when all these scientist get together and start thinking about the next great ripoff, maybe that is what is raising the temperature. Can you smell the smoke being generated?? NOTE: The next wave has already been planned on the back-side of carbon reduction, using the leverage gained from carbon reduction, they are going to go after the gas that makes up most of the air we breath – Nitrogen. What a joke! But, it’s true. (After that, they will probably go after Oxygen, so that we can be taxed on breathing.)

    I am curious how they would suggest that erosion in the the UK would be the cause of Global warming. If you have any documentation of this, I would be very happy to look it over. You can email it to me at I did not think that the water level in our oceans had gone up significantly yet, and I am guessing that is what they would be basing this story on??

    We actually do have the components to irreversibly destroy the planet in a matter of minutes. We have had this capability for quite some time. Global warming would take a long time to see the affects. But I do agree whole-heartedly with you that humans are definitely adding to the overall problem. Between the population of the Earth and the amount of pollution that population will ultimately produce, it is probably more imperative to severely reduce the amount of people on the planet. This is more likely what will ultimately happen anyhow. I don’t like the sounds of it, but nobody does.

    I think that humans in first world countries have options that people in third world countries don’t have. We can throw money at a problem to make it go away. The recent estimates I have been hearing to what it would take to stop the INCREASE of carbon entering the atmosphere, and hopefully stopping the progression of the global warming is in the hundreds of Trillions of dollars over the next 30 years. That may be a little more than people can stomach. The printing presses are going to be on overtime pay.

    You are absolutely right in saying that no one has all the answers. Then why are the politicians making decisions based on flawed information? What information are we not being given that we won’t see until after all the papers are signed?

    You say we should at least try. That is commendable! But what are YOU willing to pay? What part of the many Trillions of dollars are you going to put in to accomplish the job? See, that is the problem. You haven’t been told what it will cost. Everyone that knows is ducking and taking cover.

    Alternative and nonpolluting energy sources should be on the top of the list. Free-energy devices should also be funded with taxpayer money. Why, because the taxpayer should be the one that benefits from these discoveries. These discoveries should be created under public domain so that no-one can control the manufacture and use. If you want to spend money, then spend it in the right direction. Don’t waste money on saving a cancer, solve the problem at the source, not the symptom. Cure the Disease!

  • Shannon, I will email you the stuff I have been reading. As you say, we haven’t been told what it will cost and also I agree that these discoveries should be created under public domain so that everyone has a hand in it and it isn’t solely down to the scientists and politicians to decide what is happening and what to do about it, or, to play around with our money. As for the estimates of trillions of dollars, well that is staggering. As usual, taxpayers will foot the bill, so long as it is a fair amount, but even that’s debatable.

  • No,
    I was saying that less ice = more heat.
    and were soposedly ment to be going through a cold climate right now. (ie, temperature not going up)

    If we had no ice, then the earth would absorb ALL the heat the sun gave it.
    Im still 8/10

  • now im 9/10

  • Dear Shelagh,
    Thank you for providing me the information you forwarded. I have attempted to condense the central ideas that I observed were scientifically substantiated.

    For the years prior to 2000, the IPCC (Intergovmental Panel on Climate Control) was unable to justify more than a 1 – 2 mm increase in GSL, yearly. Yet, the IPCC is suggesting, from 2000 – 2100 the expectations for the complete rise of Global Sea Level is 10 – 90 cm.

    The main concerns lie in 3 areas:
    1 Increase of GSL (Global Sea Level)
    2 Erosion of beaches leading to erosion inland
    3 More storms estimated from ocean water temperature increasing, thus, more erosion.
    In all instances referring to human displacement and habitation.

    These studies outline ONLY the results of Global Warming, and do not indicate any specific or absolute cause, only the results and potential localized countermeasures.

  • thanx shanon,
    to me this topic is pointless, because all I hear is hear say, and getting bogged down with peoples analysis, it is impossible (currently) to calculate how much of what is going where and where it is coming from and who is going to do what and with what tools.
    Perhaps YOU are comfy in your scientific data, I find that very commendable.
    I do have a ‘silly’ answer to your Q.

  • Hi Keegan,

    I am far from comfortable with the scientific data.

    Quantum Physics States: “The outcome of any experiment is influenced by the observer.” To extrapolate this further, it means that scientists do an experiment intended to reach a certain end result. People don’t usually look for the results to fail, they are looking to prove their ideas. There are many examples when different scientists attempt to repeat the same experiment, the results are completely different than the original experiment.

  • Hay shanon,
    thats good, the only words I heard you say was from the first sentence.

  • There are so many things that people will continue to discuss, argue, attempt to prove, disprove etc etc. To me the argument is not worth the effort if the result is the same. Whether or not the Global warming is caused by us is irrelevant. Our planets resources are finite and we are using them up at an increasing rate. We do waste resources, we aren’t always doing the right thing by our precious planet so my logic says it is only a matter of time before they begin to run out. What do we do then? Use up another planet? Why knowingly waste our planets resources if it is not required? Also, should we be waiting for the result of the blame game before we do something about this? Focusing on the doom and gloom doesn’t help us, neither does burying our head in the sand. Perhaps if we look at the way we live our lives we will find more answers than waiting on scientists to discover it for us. Our lives are often so fast, complicated, materialistic and wasteful. If we simplify, slow down and only use what we need it may help us return to more of a balance and you never know it may help the planet too… By all means, continue the studies to better understand what is happening but don’t let us wait for definitive results before we start to have respect for our planet and act. I think there are so many ways we can reduce waste and look after our planet more that require very little effort and money, so to me there is no reason to not act in some way


  • Shanon,
    I once heard you say “ZOX” would change the world completly, are you completly willing to do that?

  • Keegan,

    Of course, but I am only one person. I will need much help in doing just that. Please keep in mind, I help people make changes that choose to make changes for them self. Telling people what they should do, when they are not listening, is a waste of energy.

    I will do all that I can to tell people about it though. I love the Internet for that reason!

  • your right, so long as scientific data is’nt able to point a finger.
    thanx shanon,
    all the best 🙂

  • note new to old think gaylord johnson the ice age may return .

  • The first thing to look at is who is saying it, and, what, if anything they have to gain by doing so. Second, who is funding the research. Follow the money. We are living in a time when crisis are created to polarize the public into allowing for actions by the government, the people would not normally accept.

    Keep someone of balance and you’re in control of their direction. Never give them an opportunity to regain balance. Present crisis after crisis then implement your strategy as they (we) wait with baited breath for the conclusion. What is the conclusion? If we don’t wake up and think for ourselves, all our thinking will be done by “them”; who’s “them” the people creating the crisis. It doesn’t have to be real, it just has to be perceived as real. And for all intensive purposes, for their purpose CONTROL it is real.



  • Willy, I am going to edit this to make it easier to read. I apologize if I muddle the meaning at all. – Shannon

    First let me apologize for my mistakes in English, it is not my mother tongue.
    But, I promised to answer Shannon.

    1/Feelings: if someone is afraid about the warming or whatsoever problem on earth etc … he should first try a relaxation session (from ZOX Pro Training). To be relaxed is the first step to be able to think free of emotions – objectively. Fears never help to reach balanced opinions.

    2/Since it is a very complicated subject, one can indeed find in the literature exactly what one is searching for, to confirm a pre-established opinion. Very easy …

    3/My position is to try and question every paper, making it an intellectual game to challenge the inverse opinion; hoping never to reached a final conclusion in a subject in which I am NOT an expert.

    If I cannot be an expert in a given field, I try to understanding the conflict of interest among the “experts”, this really helps to understand what’s going on under the covers. Not an easy task at all, but worthwhile … and this is a reachable -yet a difficult task- for non experts.

    4/Another example, I asked Shannon if he is afraid of high cholesterol level? His answer was that he was not overly afraid because of the level of information he understood on the subject and what steps he took personally to prevent problems.

    How many people are really convinced of the “danger” and really-really afraid (cholesterol delirium), so afraid they are taking statins and other drugs to reduce their serum cholesterol level. People only read the conclusions of the “experts”. Yet neither there is evidence that statins reduce cardiac mortality, nor is cholesterol per se responsible for myocardial infarction! Fear (not only the population, but also the experts themselves!) is the best ally of those who have “some interest” in the business. (Fear gets people to look at things they normally would not consider looking at.)
    Etc …
    All the best,

  • If you type in ‘volcanoes ashes’ in google news . Check out Dept. Of Agriculture planting guide of 1960 vs. 2000 . You’ll see it has gotten cooler .
    Farmers have to know this .

    Smile… a treehugger : not an enviromentalist; but a steward of the land .


  • Perhaps its planet x’s influence?..perhaps we are about to experiance a pole shift?..
    ~ If we are in the grips of PX..(4 times the size of earth and 23 times the gravity of earth),hiding in the sun..moving closer..on its 3600 year elyptical journey around our sun and another dead sun..perhaps 2011 -2012 makes sence why Our calander is about to end?
    ~ If Real and it draws the earth..the earth may ‘stop’ rotating for a day or more…it has happened before…and the oceans will wash over the land..ever wonder why the mountains of bones in siberia are there?… This earth is about to be renewed only Nature Knows Best..
    ~ A pole shift will do that… complete renewal…

    Time to choose… our orientation…service to self?..or service to other?.. :o)

  • I am very impressed with the comments of your correspondents. Organised environmentalism is only interested in “big” solutions. They want “global action” but this just amounts to a new global bureaucracy with expensive meetings at flash hotels, and government sponsored “research”. None of these big “actions” will do anything in the least to reduce pollution. Thanks, Bill Daly

  • Syed Mumtaz Hussain Kazmi

    I think we got to accept what the scientists say about anything they have searched about. To support the argument, it were them who had earlier warned us about the global warming and again it is them who say the temperature remained steady for the last eight or so years. So we should rest at peace and i think there is no harm if we continue our strive and learn to use the natural resources with would certainly keep the mother earth markedly clean and beautiful.

  • First I would like to say that it seems very evident that man is systematically raping the earth of its precious resources. These would include anything mined or extracted from the earths crust. In this list one could easily agree to materials like metals such as aluminum, iron, copper, and the most focused on, fossil fuels. I believe these things were made part of the earth’s crust originally for it’s overall stability. Once removed, these resources would be very difficult to replace as they were found in there original form. Granted, one could argue that man has benefited a great deal from these extracted materials. However, when the ability to extract these elements from the earth’s crust became easier through advancement in man’s technology, and mankind’s inherent greed factor mixed together, we get the effects we have now. Namely, piles of old tires, rusty cars, an exorbitant amount of fossil fuel derived plastics filling land fills every hour of every day. And this is a small picture of just land pollution alone. As one examines the pollutants bellowing into the air, we some how become more alarmed. And rightly so. It is far easier to avoid direct contact with polluted ground than polluted air, since you have no choice but to take in your next life sustaining breath.

    It is evident that mankind over all, has not appretiated its prefect home. Though individually here and there, some have shown a caring attitude, and that may bode well for them.

    Now to consider the topic of global warming as being a direct result of all pollution combined with nothing else as the cause, would probably not be accurate. My feeling is that once this whole pollution thing is taken care of, some time down the road, when only accurate information is used, it will probably be found that man did play some part in the changing of weather patterns.

    However, one might be drawn to the internal question of ‘when and how will this pollution problem ever end, and thus the eventual reversal of its effects?’ We can be sure that mankind’s beloved governments will never have the power to fix things. Why? Because there will always be greed for money, for power, and the presence of internal corruption. There are simply too many people needed to run man governments to weed out the possibility of corrupting influences. Besides it only takes one bad apple to ruin things. This is a principal we all learn as kids. The second reason not to rely on man governments to solve pollution, is that thousands of years of history recorded for us in various sources, prove through the examination of even obvious patterns, that man governments could never solve big problems because of the same reasons as today.
    The conclusion is simple.

    Man should quit trying to solve such large problems themselves, and rely fully on the one that caused the existence of all things including intelligent life. Besides, putting trust in governments run by man will prove to be futile seeing as a prophesy in Daniel 2:44 says that the creator will himself personally remove the current governments now in existence and replace it with one that is 100% free of corruption, is completely fair, just, and having the power to permanently reverse the effects of old age and sickness including mans eventuality, death.

    The topic took a little turn. This I realize. And if it sounds like there was a slightly religious over tone at the end I understand. But the truth is the truth, whether we choose to except it or not. The fact of the matter is when it comes to religion, it is confounding on purpose. Why? Because, just like anything else there is truth, partial truths, and outright lies. In everything there is truth. So if one cares to put the effort forth to really dig for it, in this case further back in time, and through the examination of the scriptures themselves, one could discover that they have been told a small amount of truth, lots of partial truths, and plenty of full blown lies. By whom? By what is considered and revered as main stream religion. Christianity as a whole claims to base their teaching on the bible. Yet many times ignoring the pure truth it contains. One example that comes to mind is the blatant ignoring of what 1Corinthians 6:9-11 says with regard to a certain moral issue that finds its way in and out of the news.

    The important things as far as finding truth about any subject, is to learn to dig for it yourself. Taking the easy path of excepting everything some one tells you at face value can be very dangerous! Many times the only form of truth you may find without digging, is only partial truth. (Strictly speaking this is also untruth.) However, to illustrate an important point, one may think that a glass of water that is only partially poisoned, really has at least some value. ( Thus the thinking that there is value in all religions, despite being tainted with traditions of men.) But when such a glass of water is placed in front of an individual along side one that is known to be free of contamination, the choice is a no-brainer. Right? (Unless a person is either prideful or disagreeable so as to avoid the obvious conclusion, at which point a person fools themselves to no real benefit, thus contributing to the further propagation of harmful half truths and lies.)

    Truthfully, this topic also forces a response. No doubt a feeling a frustration may be felt when discussing such a topic with others because the beliefs most people have on religion is a direct result of an ingestion of all the different half truths and outright lies that have been told by so many clergyman through the years.

    The point is, if every one were fed the truth as it has been well preserved for us in the bible, (thus one standard), there would be zero confusion and no reason for war! And certainly no greed, which means no pollution.

    So dig, think, and reason with an open mind. This is not the same as doing nothing and excepting every thing heard as truth.

  • I appreciate you allowing me to voice an opinion on a subject that is so huge in its implications as it relates to man’s very existence, now and especially in the future. In deed having a fierce passion for the truth is the driving force to get a person from wondering about something, to knowing about it.

    I like the fact that you enjoy getting the mind to work more and more by presenting questions about important subjects. For if you were to try to get people to exercise their mind with inquiries into more mundane and nearly pointless matters, (The entertainment industry has this covered all too well.) there would probably be less emotion, less passionate discussion. And so I would like to indulge you in some answers to questions that you presented in the outset of your thoughtful response.

    First I would like to mention that I am not remotely offended by your honest follow up questions. Since they are a logical next step in such an important discussion as to how the reversal of the rapidly depleting earth’s resources and increasing amounts of pollution may be effected. And if a person should be so bold as to make statements such as the ones that you have responded to here, that person in my opinion and no doubt many others would expect such a one to back up their thoughts with facts or known truths and take on the challenge of arguing for their beliefs.

    In keeping with the original premise set out in my first posting (Aug. 19th) I must base my thoughts on a known pattern of complete inability by mankind to solve such problems in the past. This past record includes thousands of years, and many many people, men and woman’s no doubt sincere attempt to solve like sized issues. Granted with the relatively recent industrialization of world, the problem can be considered, in comparison to much older ones, to be fairly unique. Nevertheless, this problem has one important similarity with other big issues, the over coming of an impossible hurdle. Now here is an important truth with which there is no real arguing with: There are billions of people on this earth right now. (truth) For global pollution alone to end and be reversed it would require 100% willful compliance on the part of every human on this planet. (truth) So one might honestly ask, ‘What are the chances that billions of people would individually and completely comply with any kind of mandate that could be set out to end pollution?’ And further, the kind of compliance that would be needed to make such an effort stick and not loose ground latter would be that which comes from the figurative heart, the place inside each one of us where any WANT or desire comes from.

    The insurmountable challenge then, would be to get every human on this planet to WANT to do things in a way that no longer pollutes. Can this be done? Yes! But not by any of our efforts. Therefore, if you could think of a person that would posses such an amazing influence so as to get every person on this earth to WANT to live in a non-polluting way (including the ones who have become wealthy and influential along with any who may be benefactors of their wealth, namely elements of government), and I am aware of none, then that person could definitively answer how this wrong of pollution may be made right.

    Any amount of planning on my part or that of any other human, then, would be wasted time unless the complete compliance of every person on planet earth was to take place.

    When it comes to population control, nations differ as to how they view family planning. In developing countries many have the view that the more family members the better. While those in developed nations seem to deliberately curtail child birthing as a means to control family expenses. Getting every family to comply to some kind of family planning with limits in view would be impossible. So, not only would the masses need to be in harmony with this kind of thinking, but the various governments over those people would also have to come to an agreement on this issue. Judging by the last 6000 years or so the record on this looks very bleak.

    So, when taking such all inclusive facts into consideration, thus broadening our view so as to see the bigger picture, one can get a more accurate view of the immensity of the problems many would like to tackle and solve. These thoughts are not mentioned for the sake of being negative.
    But this bigger picture shows that there are many sincere people who are willing try and tackle this issue with either suggestions, and or actions as to their own personal efforts through sorting glass from plastic, repairing mufflers ect.. But these special people ( the environmentally conscientious sort) whether governments or individuals, are left powerless to see it through.

    But what about this idea of trying to lead the way through disconnecting ourselves from our material goods and ‘cushy’ way of life? Well, our cushy way of living may not be as good as we think it is and perhaps we could very well be happier without it. We can easily deduce this since the first human pair enjoyed life in a literal paradise. In fact the name of that place gives us insight as to what kind of place it was. ‘Eden’ means ‘paradise of pleasure’. In this garden like home all of their needs were cared for. They lacked nothing. Every aspect of life for the first human parents was peaceful, enjoyable, free from harmful stress, and naturally mentally stimulating. All of this being enjoyed under ideal weather conditions while perfect food in abundance was available to them. Adam and Eve enjoyed all these things with literally perfect minds and bodies. The fact is this place and time really existed. This is not a dreamed up utopia, but a real part of human history.

    Although thousands of years have passed, we as their descendants, still appreciate nature as a place of retreat from our not so natural lives, where its calming effects and simplicity can rejuvenate our souls. Its no wonder. This appreciation was hard wired into us from the beginning.

    Its important to note here that it was not man who conceived of a paradise and then placed himself in it. The Creator did! He wanted to share existence with others and so began creating intelligent life, both seen and unseen. He is the most knowledgeable, loving and powerful personage in existence. The inventor of any product would know best how to fix his creation if it was damaged by others right? So we can expect the creator to fully restore earth to its former splendor. Many prophesies point to a time when the Creator will turn his attention to restoring our home to its original beauty.

    I will end with this note of an encouraging nature. Here is how we know earth will be restored. First, earth was created and humans placed in a specially prepared place on it. (Genesis account)
    (2) Ecclesiastes 1:4 mentions that earth will always be here. (3) Isaiah 55:11 says that everything God sets out to do always comes to completion. No one will stand in His way. ( Much of the bible reveals why were not in paradise now, why there is a large gap between Paradise then and the near future restoration of it.) (4) Psalms 37:29 says the righteous will reside forever on the earth.
    Isaiah 65 tells of a future where all on earth will be cared for including sufficient housing, food, and any other necessities provided. The Creator will worry about population control and the use of earth’s resources. (5) Isaiah 45:18 tells plainly that God did not create the earth for nothing (i.e. to be mishandled by its inhabitants and then destroyed) and that it was formed to be inhabited.

    Notice that these are scriptures that are taken from the part of the bible that some unfortunately avoid or fail to take seriously. But the fact is these very passages are the ones Jesus would have used, and did directly reefer to during his 3 half year teaching campaign while on earth.

    There is hope! But the place to look on an intellectual level is still the wisest, oldest and most available source, God’s word. It is the Creator’s guide for earth’s inhabitants who care.

  • Doug,

    Many thanks for the extended forecast. There are many things that indicate massive changes on the horizon. The list is plentiful.

    Thinning of the ozone layer and higher than normal solar activity resulting in higher cosmic radiation reaching the surface, not to mention the hole in the ozone layer over the poles.
    Higher than normal Aurora Borealis activity signaling legendary changes.
    Religious texts foretelling the end of time (as we know it).
    Proof of planetary pole shifts that have brought cataclysmic circumstances.
    Antarctica has massive coal reserves – it was a steamy jungle at one time
    Planet X,
    Black holes,
    Aztec Calendar end date,
    Prophets foretelling events to come,
    … and so on.

    What if one or more of these come true in your lifetime? What will you do? Are you going to prepare? Prepare for what? How? We are talking about events that may be so insurmountable that the planet itself may cease to exist.

    Do you know why politicians don’t bring up the possibility of these things? See, if you are part of the political machine, you bring up issues like terrorism and global warming as a subject that implies we can actually do something about it. Politicians don’t like to discuss events that could erase everything because they cannot create any perception that they could actually do something to prevent it or to stop it. they don’t like answering questions about things that are just ‘too big’.

    So it comes down to you. Are you going to really get upset over something that is completely beyond your control? I’m not.

  • Syed,
    I agree with you to a point. Yes the scientists really do need to be heard. But, they need to be heard without the push-pull of the political environment and slanting reports to their benefactors desire. There are just as many scientists claiming the global warming issue is bunk, but they are the scientists that are being admonished for “THINKING” that way. Where is it written that all scientists must think a certain way? There are too many players outside the scene dictating the script. There are phenomenal amounts of money to be made here!

    Of course I want to see us survive and live with the natural beauty the world has,… “In Perfect Harmony…” But this can only be accomplished if it is dealt with truth – on all sides, and NOT with the ambitions of those with political agendas.

  • Weather is a chaotic event. It cannot be rightly called a system. There are recognized prevailing patterns at times, however too many atmosphearic and solar events not tied to any known laws that lead to an exact predictions beyond a few days to months!