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How To Google a Book

Many of my clients need huge volumes of information. Here is one solution:

Have you ever wanted to know how to Google books online that you have heard about?  Maybe you only have the topic to go from.  How would you Google a book you are looking for?  Imagine how overwhelming it is to conduct a Google search for a book in only 1 topic. Depending on your topic, you could have many millions of choices to select from.  Let’s take Golf for a working example.

I just typed in book golf into the Google Search and found over 10 million references.  But when I type in golf book, I get 578 million references. The first lesson here is put the words in the right order to get closer to what you want. Unfortunately, your choice is giving you 578 million. It is time to narrow the search.

A Typical Google Book Search

I can use quotation marks to define my search more.  I have decided I want to search for a golf book by Tiger Woods.  So, I type in “Tiger Woods” golf book, and come up with 77 million entries.   Then we can get the number down further by typing “Tiger Woods Golf Book”, which brings it down to 153,000 entries.  That is still a bit much, but at least you are breathing again.

So, the next step I take is to click from Google to  That was an easy choice. currently has 268 results for “Tiger Woods Golf Book”.  So you have finally come up with a realistic number for “Tiger Woods Golf Book”.  If Tiger Woods is your idol and you want to learn as much as possible about him and what he does, then you have the next few years to “read” about it.  You need to remember, if you are just using reading to gain your information, much of the information you gain will be obsolete by the time you get a chance to use it.

I know a lot of people that suck up books like a vacuum cleaner.  Those people have learned Mental Photography, or ZOXing.  While ZOXers will gain hundreds, even thousands of books each year, you could only gain 40, maybe 50 if you are very avid reader. Did you know that most people read less than 5 books in a year? (Sorry, magazines don’t count.)

“Libraries are full of books that never get read.”

So, if you plan to Google books, you now know a few tips to help you with your Google search. But, you better prepare yourself with Mental Photography, or ZOXing, when you find the topic you really want to learn about.

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