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Imagine pulling open a good long novel while sitting in your favourite chair in front of an open fireplace for a good long read.  Taking your time to absorb yourself in the plot as it thickens, the evening wears on. You find that even though you have been reading for over an hour, you have only gone through about 40 pages.  If you do the same thing every night for 10 days, you finally be at the end of your 400 page novel.  That’s fine, if you have plenty of time to burn.

Now, imagine what your employer would say if you told him you would be happy to peruse a 400 page report over the next 10 days and get back to him then.  What if you were to speed read instead?  Reading Doesn’t Work!

Speed Reading

It is no secret that when you speed read, you are neither reading everything, nor are you taking it all in for accuracy.  How do you feel about your skill with speed reading?  Do you feel that you have missed a lot?  Even if the document now only takes you one or two hours instead of 10 hours, do you feel your accuracy of information is there?  Are you confident in presenting your findings after just speed reading?  Probably not.

Let’s look at the statistics.  You have been told that reading is the most accurate way of dealing with information, right?  Did you know that you will immediately forget 50% of what you just read?  Can you imagine how ineffective reading is when you forget 95% of what you read, in only 48 hours?  Did you know that if you were given a comprehensive test covering all the topics you passed tests on in school that you would most likely fail miserably as an adult?

But when you look at speed reading, you would probably think that since you are using fewer words to get your information that you would be even worse off.  Right?…  Wrong!  Statistics prove that speed reading has higher comprehension of information, and even a longer hang time of the information than reading.

So why would people that learn speed reading, and know the statistics, go back to much slower ineffective reading for their information?  Most people do not have confidence in speed reading.  Even though the statistics prove otherwise, people were taught form an early age that reading is “the way”.  Speed Reading Fails!

Photographic Memory

There is another way to gain information that is much more effective that reading or speed reading.  When you were born, you had a photographic memory.  It isn’t limited to just seeing either.  It is a photographic memory on all senses.  It is called the eidetic memory.  Better yet, it is completely natural!

There is a new way to learn that uses that photographic memory you misplaced.  It is called Mental Photography.  It was invented in 1975 by Richard Welch from speed reading.

Mental Photography – ZOX Pro Training

I Don’t Read – I ZOX!

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  • Hello,

    I am a disabled veteran, ambushed with an incurable, degenerative neurological disease from the pesticides I was exposed to in Vietnam over 40 years ago.

    I fight each day to keep my mind active, and slow the progress of my illness.

    Would this program be of any benefit to me?

    Thank you and God bless

    • David Felton,

      We are not medical doctors and do not proscribe our training as a treatment.

      There are plenty of implications as to what you can do to strengthen your brain. ZOX Pro Training does strengthen your brain.


  • I need it to get through my mathematical research

    How can I start for free?

  • By ZOXing, can I Mentally Photograph technical books?

    I’m a software engineer. I want to Mentally Photograph the whole technical material with 70-80 percent recall??? Is it possible??

    • Rohan,

      The simple answer is of course it is possible. And yes there is a lot more to it than that.

      If you haven’t done so yet, download the free ebook on the right hand column –>

      “ZOX Pro Training Works…” This will help you gain perspective for your challenge.


  • Shannon

    Can I become a instructor of ZOX Pro? I’m from Brazil.

    Thank you

    • Eduardo,

      If you want to share ZOX Pro Training with people, and make money at the same time, become an affiliate of ZOX Pro Training on CLickbank. You still get to share something great with people, and let us handle the responsibility of the instruction. That is a WIN-WIN situation for all.


  • Can ZOXing work with ebooks? Like you want to mentally photograph ebooks?