Do You Know Too Much Knowledge can be Dangerous ?

Do You Know Too Much?

Knowledge can be Dangerous.

Is it possible to have too much knowledge?

If you were to study at even the crazy speed read that Mental Photography / ZOXing gives you, you could spend every hour of every day absorbing information on any given topic, but you would still only be scratching the surface of all the information that can be accessed.

Consider for a moment just how disadvantaged most people are when the just read or speed read.

The speed read that ZOX Pro travels at are completely unfathomable to most people. Even though Mental Photography BEGINS at 25,000 words per minute, we are not limited to this. ZOX Pro Trainees often are Mentally Photographing material at speed read in excess of 100,000, even 200,000 or more words per minute.

The best thing is when our proficient clients are moving through information at high velocity speed read; they are not just getting the information. Since it is absorbed at a different level, they accumulate the knowledge, and even the wisdom that is needed. While most people would take much time, usually years, between gaining the information, then the knowledge philosophy, and finally the wisdom; our clients get it all at the same time.


Knowing enough to be dangerous

Knowing a little can sometimes be as dangerous as not knowing enough. Since you are likely viewing this on your PC or ipad, we can use that as a good example. Sure, you know how to negotiate your way through it, get email, do your electronic banking, view a myriad of websites, buy stuff, and so on. But, what happens if something goes wrong? What if things stop working, or giving you bad results for the same things you have always done. Maybe your PC is just getting slower and slower.

Yes, you know enough to get you to the point of trouble. But do you know enough to get yourself out of trouble? Your immediate answer should NOT be, take it to the technician.

As you are operating your PC, temp files are accruing, viruses and malware can be coming into your machine by just visiting websites. Nobody in their right mind would operate a PC on the Internet without having Anti-virus protection. There are invasive cookies that can ultimately take control of your PC, and feed all your important files to someplace else. Banking fraud and identity theft are out of control. Even those revealing pictures of you that nobody else in the world have, are subject to theft and distribution across the Internet.


Caught out…

Recently, a man constructing an Internet site went to a photographic studio on the Internet to purchase some photos about his topic of interest. To his surprise, he found several nude photos of his daughter that he had no knowledge of. His daughter thought she had them safe and sound on her PC. What she did not know was she had picked up photo “scraping” malware that sent all her photos to a distribution point in Russia, where her pictures were being sold all over the world.

Yes, having the knowledge to be on the Internet is good, but doing it safely is another matter. Proper maintenance on your PC is paramount. Most people just don’t have time to learn it (using conventional methods). Even people that do have the maintenance knowledge do not maintain their PC often enough. You are most likely to see problems first in the performance of your PC.

On the Internet, there are generally 2 types of people. (You can be both types) You have the “Users” that find things on the Internet. You also have the “Creators”; those who create the Internet, both good and bad.

The Internet is constantly changing. You have regulating bodies (toothless tigers) that claim they regulate and prohibit spam. How often do you get spam? If they were on a performance based award system, how would you rank their performance? If you have dealings with FaceBook or Google, you must know how often they change their own rules. That is only 2 of the many organizations that help re-shape the Internet, daily.

If you are in business at all on the Internet, you are continuously being barraged with new information. Many of our clients come from the Internet community. We have the tools they need to keep ahead of the ever-changing Internet.

To operate on the Internet without good information is dangerous. Anticipate and prevent problems.
Or, you can bury your head in the sand; and when you get BURNED, perhaps you will remember where you can get the tools to give you knowledge base and make you wiser.

Shannon Panzo

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