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Over time I have received feedback that many people want me to be writing books on the subjects that I hold dear.

I write…

I write…

I write…
My latest writing  is very important for you.  Think of it as your “first aid kit” for surviving adversity.  I consider it one of my “Hallmark” pieces.  A cornerstone of my life and a fulcrum point for which I can leverage my life in a positive direction.
Please, please, PLEASE, go read it. I really want you to have this working in your life too.
This is just one article  in a book that is packed to the gills with great information and stories about surviving adversity.  Many of the other articles in the book are written by real heavy hitters when it comes to self improvement.
You really owe it to yourself to get the book.  If I can depart this much wisdom to you in just one article, just think how much wisdom is contained within the the whole book!
Oh,… the Title of the Book?

Bouncing Back – Thriving in Changing Times



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