Survive Major Earthquakes and Never Give Up!

Lifting the veil…

My trees of effort are now bearing fruit. I have been working on this for quite a long time.  It is with great pleasure that I can announce that we are about to see the fruition of our efforts.
A while back, I was invited to take part of a collaborated effort to put out a series of insights for self guidance in overcoming adversity.  This collection of wisdom was to be bound in a book to be distributed abroad.  This book is very timely in your world around you.  These advisements tend to give you ways to help yourself accomplish in times of adversity.

You Need This!

Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times

Bouncing Back - Thriving in Changing Times

It is also my pleasure to be writing side by side with leaders in this field.  I’m a contributing author in the newly released book called “Bouncing Back – Thriving in Changing Times”.  It was an honor to join some of the top professionals in their fields, such as Brian Tracy, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, David Riklan, John Assaraf, Steven E., Lee Beard, and many others, who have learned to face adversity and overcome obstacles to succeed beyond their wildest dreams!!

“Bouncing Back – Thriving in Changing Times”
is the latest in the best-selling series “Wake Up… Live the Life You Love”.  Bouncing Back is a collection of essays from successful people who share their stories of persevering in difficult times to achieve ultimate fulfillment.
This is my own recipe to snatching success from the claws of disaster.  I developed a simple, but potent path to achieve when others give up.
“Thriving is more than having all of your material needs met or enjoying success in the eyes of others,” says the book’s publisher, Steven E. “It is the growth of personal spirit; it is a sense of joy in life that can’t be taken away by bad times, bad luck, or bad people,”…
So, it is with great joy that I present to my beloved readers and the world.

Seek With Passion, and Never Give Up!

If I ever need a point of reference when the chips are down or time get a little tough, I think of Nick Vujicic.  Nick is an inspirational speaker who is easily recognized in any crowd:  he has no limbs.  Even with such obvious obstacles challenging him every day of his life, he has great attitude.  He has come to embrace his uniqueness; he offers a message that nobody else can deliver with the impact that he can provide.  His overwhelming ‘Never Give Up’ attitude shines through like a beacon in the night, and his message of dedication and perseverance cuts through the Gloom like a Laser Beam To Read More >>>
It is my dream that all the clients I have the pleasure of teaching the simple complexities of Mental Photography and Brain Management to, would show the tenacity that this one person shows.  If they all did, my job would be much easier.  So many people, even the best intended people, really need to prioritize what is important, and throw all their strength into it.
Adversity comes in all shapes and sizes. It is a personal thing to each and every one of us. What makes all the difference in the world, is what actions you take to Raise Yourself Up, even when you don’t feel you can go any further. What will you do to persevere?

Steps to Success:

My own experiences have forged my step-by-step progression from failure to success.  I have learned to value failure and appreciate success.  I have found that my biggest failures in life have led to my greatest successes.  These are the steps I take when overwhelming adversity strikes in my life.  I look forward to sharing this hard-earned secret with you.
My story started when my wife and I decided to diversify into a different business.  The money needed to support the project came from our property equity over and above our ‘comfortable’ payments.  Walking the “path” with all the positive thoughts in the world, we were given a multitude of promises and guarantees, even in writing.  We were about to learn a big and expensive lesson.
At the end of the day, we felt very betrayed.  The business that would fund the extra payments and more became a ‘money pit’.  People that vowed to come to our aid turned a blind eye to us.  We were left utterly alone to deal with our problems.
Justifiably so – we created these problems. They were ours to solve.
I have learned along the way that failure is riddled full of success, if you open your eyes to it.  Even though most people would count our venture as failure, it was the start of our ‘adventure’ to get a grip, and swing it all back around.  Objectively speaking, it is our finest moment.
To come back from this type of overwhelming adversity in the present economic climate is utterly amazing.  So many things that could have sunk our battleship along the way have not presented themselves.  We dealt with situations that came up.  But, we always seemed to come up on top.  We have been blessed time and time again.

The Fight is Engaged:

If you find yourself at the bottom of the stack and you are retching because you feel that you have been kicked in the gut from all directions – that is where we were.  We decided to ‘fight’!  But we decided to fight in a different way.  We decided to take advantage of the many years I was teaching others Brain Management to pull oneself out of the wringer.  It was time for me to employ the same methods myself. Here are just some of the things we did:
FOCUS – We decided what we wanted – our ‘target’ at the end of the tunnel we could focus on achieving.  (We verified our target with subconscious feedback to make sure that it is in our Divine Order.)  Even when you are compelled to take care of other things that crop up, you still need the determination to go right back to your focus. Your focus on the target will become so severe, that nothing will get in the way.  You may lose some of the battles along the way, but you don’t lose the war.
FORGIVE – Most people don’t like the idea that someone has betrayed you or gotten something over on you, if you don’t forgive them without reservation;  it keeps draining your energy.  At these critical times, you need all the energy you can muster, and more.  So, yes, we forgave them.
We also forgave ourselves.  This step is just as important.  Whether you feel you were to blame does not matter.  Just making sure that energy path is clear can make all the difference, and often does.
INFORMATION – Information, or the lack thereof, can be critical for the decision making process.  To support decisions you must gain access to a tremendous amount of information in a very short amount of time.  Reading, even speed reading takes too long.  We use Mental Photography (ZOXing).
DIRECTION – What direction we were going to take to accomplish our goal?  We programmed and prayed for the guidance and strength to see us through.  Whether it be God or Universal Consciousness, we accept the cards we have been dealt and we have taken up the gauntlet to create the path to reach our objective.
PAIN – By accepting pain will be associated with our chosen path, we gain a certain amount of clarity and a sense of control over our environment, while reaching our primary goal.  Pain comes in many different forms—our biggest pain was financial.
PASSIONFully accept it and embrace it – all of the lessons, successes, and failures alike to achieve your objective.  We personally have many driving forces to keep on track.  Some of these have emotional ties.  If you need to gain this, then create it.  You will find, if your objective is important enough, the emotional ties will already be there – and they will be STRONG.

“That which does not kill you, makes you Stronger!” Neitzsche

Law of Attraction – Working within the Law of Attraction and eliminating as much information that is contradictory to achieving our objective.  If you used to watch TV shows with negative content, turn them off.  If people are not supporting your decision as to how you have been guided and chosen, then limit your communications with them.  You will find that good intentioned friends and relatives are the first to suggest for you to give up because it’s too hard.  They are NOT you, and they are not walking your path.  The people you choose to gather around you in times of need can be scrutinized by this:

“If they are not part of the solution, then they are part of the problem.”

Whenever you are the person within the struggle, EVERYTHING matters.  Every piece of information, especially from loved ones, counts.  But you cannot afford to be persuaded off your path if you want to achieve your goals.
BILLS & MONEY – The bills will keep rolling in whether you have the money to pay them or not.  Focusing on the bills is counter-productive.  Focusing on the bills will never put a dime in your pocket. Focus on earning money. When you focus on earning money, the money arrives and the bills in turn get paid.  The amount of times I must have repeated this would be astronomical!

Learn from your mistakes. Do your best not to fall into the same trap.  When you traverse failure, you learn lessons.  When you apply those lessons learned, you gain wisdom and success.  Never stop learning.
OPPORTUNITYWhen 1 door shuts, 100 others open! You must be ready for these opportunities.  They have been our life-saver in rough seas.  It wasn’t just 1 opportunity; it was and is many combined to create a cumulative effect.  The momentum keeps growing.  If one thing starts dropping off, something else picks up.  It all takes good focused effort.  You still need to participate if you are ever going to reach your goal.  If the goal is not worth your participation, it is not a worthwhile goal.
So, with those hard-learned tips in mind, I urge you to raise yourself up, you’re your focus, and never give up on reaching your objectives.  Know that you will gain your goals, too.

Have a Great Journey!

Shannon Panzo

You may be wondering why I would be affected by circumstances seemingly beyond my control.  This is the luxury of being in the driver’s seat.  I never assume that I am exempt from learning lessons.  That would be arrogant, and foolish.
All the experiences I have revealed here are covered within our trainings.  And yes, it gives me the upper hand in knowing how to tackle the problems when they do arise.  YES, I do use what I teach!


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  • So why exactly should I consider buying it?

    • The question you should be asking yourself is, “Why Shouldn’t You Buy It?” Is there nothing left in your life to improve upon? Do you never suffer occurrences or adversity?

      If you just want to stand there and be blind-sided by the next event, that is your call.

      Look at this as a ‘scouts’ book – BE PREPARED!

  • Shannon, thank you for sharing this! It’s always good to be reminded of the fundamentals. This information was timely for me as I was focusing on bills, not on how to earn more 🙂

    Thanks again!


    • Our conscious mind constantly looks at the problems and dwells on them. It doesn’t automatically look for solutions. That takes effort.

      I often have ZOX Pro Training clients that fixate on “the glass is half empty”. So when “BLESSINGS” hit them square between the eyes, they don’t see it.

  • What a powerful page of sound wisdom and information! And timely!

    Thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to read the new book…

    Wishing you all God’s best – cheers, Brenda

    • I am positive you will enjoy it. There is nothing like a mind to mind tuneup with the top people in the self improvement industry.

  • Can I buy ZOX Pro Training in any shop in India?