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Do you remember that at the end of our last post, we wanted to show you how ZOXing can help you improve your memory?  If you do, good for you!   But, if not, stay tuned as we bring a bit of good news about how ZOXing (via ZOX Pro) can help you improve your memory…

First, let’s talk about the difference between an ordinary memory training system and ZOX Pro.   This will give you a basis as to what makes ZOX Pro unique and how it can do so much more for your memory.

Ordinary memory training is usually based on what is referred to as the “cup and hook” method.   It’s an associative method that takes a lot of time and practice and you can get very good at it, but if you don’t keep it up, you’ll just go right back to where you were.

On the other hand, as we have previously stated, ZOXing, or Mental Photography, is an extraordinary brain exercise.  It exercises your brain with the ability to push you past your normal limitations.  In so doing, it triggers a change to happen within your brain.   Commonly known as brain plasticity, it stimulates your brain to structurally undergo a change.   You grow more dendritesThe dendrites in your brain are memory storage compartments which grow off the brain cells, like hair.  As you grow more dendrites, you’re actually growing new memory.   The quantity of memory that you can access and possess structurally increases in the brain.   (Ordinary memory training does not do this.  They have difficulty in pushing your brain past the limits that triggers brain plasticity to grow more dendrites.)

It is nice to know that when you are ZOXing a book, as a natural bi-product of the ZOXing, you are automatically growing more memory, which stays there as a structural component within the brain, permanently.

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Join us in our next blog post as we discuss ZOXing and how it can improve your ability to concentrate!

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