New Years Resolution – Feed Your Brain

Sure you may already have some New Years Resolutions like stop smoking, eat less, give to the needy, treat people nicer, etc. But what DIDN’T you do last you that could make all the difference in this New Year?

Mental Preparation…

Everything works better when you put your mind in place first.

Why do people wait until an emergency before they choose to take action — the “I need it yesterday” syndrome? Our trainings have done wonderful things for people in break-neck time. But, this attitude of “I gotta’ have it now!… so I can use it for this emergency agenda tomorrow.” It really makes me wonder why you have not had the simple desire to easily think things through in advance.

What I am talking about here is not brain surgery. If you see a need appearing on the horizon, why wait until it is on your doorstep when you choose to do something about it. You could have paced yourself, so you would have been better prepared.

You don’t need to be turning on the sirens, running around screaming with your hair on fire type of reaction. Let’s paint a positive picture here: What if,… when you see things on your horizon, and you know you will ultimately need to deal with them, set about gaining knowledge in preparation for the time when you need to take care of it. Wouldn’t you feel much better?

The knowledge you gain will lessen the impact of the “Danger, Danger, Warning, Warning Will Robinson” feeling you get in the pit of your stomach every time it happens. When your mind has the power to see past the problem, life is much more pleasant.

What is the key to you being successful with employing your New Years Resolution of being Mentally Prepared – the ability to gain knowledge. If you want to be able to gain information, knowledge, and wisdom effectively, twenty years in twenty minutes, what are you going to do?

As I said before, preparation is the key. And yes, I do have an answer for you. (Ah, yes, that long deep breath in ; as if you are saying, “Here it comes again — the pitch.”) Well, if you don’t want to hear what to do, just roll up your ears!

I started this conversation by telling you about a few of my clients that lack insight of preparedness. That’s okay, we help them too. But for you, the person that wants to make the difference from here onward, here is a strategy that works. Start by using your mind. Exercise your brain, learn to manage your brain and make it stronger and more resilient.

Things are not going to get any easier in the world. Everything keeps accelerating. If you prepare your mind, it will have the capacity to affect everything, and everyone around you in the best way. The easiest way to get information, knowledge, and wisdom, to base your decisions on, is Mental Photography or ZOXing. People just like you claim that their life is so much easier than it used to be.

So, be prepared with information on your side. Exercise your brain.

Great Things Happen Here !!!

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  • Sir,
    I would like to know more about Mental Photography. Where do I go to find out more?

  • How come I cannot seem to find any independent testimonials online? Seems a little fishy, don’t you agree? Everywhere on Google ZOX Pro is somehow linked. It looks like a scam!

    • Dear Andrew,

      I have delayed a bit in answering you because I have something brand new for you to see. We have made some changes so that it would be easier for you to understand what this is all about. Please visit our NEW sales page at

      PS: We know this is not a scam. You need to realize that there are both real products and imitation products on the Internet. I know it is difficult to tell which is which. We do provide you many different independent endorsements on our web sites. Why look for the negative as to why all the links,… Why not look to the positive as to why they are there instead!

  • I really don’t understand why I don’t see any results doing this method day after day for 2 weeks now, all results in mental photography I get is only the sensation in the back of my head, which may as well be a placebo…

    BTW you need to understand that you cant always view this stuff in a positive way if there is no REAL proof.

    • Dear Rene,

      We would like to provide you the appropriate guidance to help you fill in the blanks, but we have not been able to verify that you have purchased the GENUINE ZOX Pro Training from us. There are some faulty pirated versions out there you may have picked up. They are NOT the ORIGINAL. They tend to just confuse people because they are very incomplete. Please contact us ASAP so that we can take the opportunity to assist you with your conceptual difficulties.

      If you want to get results, you really do need the GENUINE ZOX Pro Training System.