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Visit the mysterious Land Down-Under, and while you are here,

Learn How to Exercise Your Brain

The eBrain Executive Seminar is returning to Victoria, Australia. Make your reservations now! Stay a while longer and turn your trip into a vacation!

On November 22, 23, 24, Shannon Panzo PhD, will be in Bendigo, Victoria, conducting the eBrain Executive Seminar for a group of dedicated individuals that want to gain a quantum leap in their life. More like a workshop than a seminar, this training gives you the tools to be effective in all areas of your life. Everyone has problems. Now you can have the solutions that give you independence; by learning how to exercise and use your brain for maximum productivity.

If you are traveling from outside of Australia, make sure to get your travel documents in right away. Approval times will vary based on your country of origin.

For bookings, email your query to: accounts [at]

Thrill Seekers Map of Australia

I wrote an article a while ago on the Australian Eastern Brown Snake, and how dangerous Australia can be. This will give you an idea of what I mean (Can you hear me chuckle?)  *<;^)

( Current Australians: You must admit, it is a exciting place to live! You are invited too.)

Australia for Thrill Seekers

Great Things Happen Here!

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