Problems with Programs and the Law of Attraction

Programming and the Law of Attraction

Programming mistake

What is the right way to program?

My clients have continuously asked me about the various ways to program. Once you understand programming basics, you can literally program your subconscious while you are walking down the street. You probably already do this without even thinking about it.

That should tell you a couple of things about programming. First, it is easy to do; or at least it should be easy. Second, the simple program is better. If you have a complicated program, your mind must jump through all those extra hoops to make your program work. And third, you should not be stressed about what you program.

a Perfect Program for a Perfect Partner…

Let us take a look at a typical program that is likely to go wrong – Finding your perfect partner. I will simplify this to a few basic details. Most people will follow these steps:

Make a list of all the qualities that you want your ideal partner to have.

Make a visual picture in your mind as to what this person should look like.

Whenever you are making your list, you are likely to be thinking about all the things you want this person to be. But more importantly, and what most people choose not to think about are the qualities they would choose for the person to not have. Of course it is good to stay positive. But it is also important to have balance. To recognize the potential for negatives to be associated with a person is being responsible for you, and everyone involved.

What you THINK you want can turn sour…

A friend of mine recently met someone that “ticked the boxes” for him. Unfortunately, later down the road, he found the lady also ticked a lot more boxes than he previously knew about. A lot of those other boxes were undesirable. Now, my friend has a bit of a problem. He thought he had found his perfect match, just to find he has to extricate himself from a poisonous relationship he had not anticipated. There are always risks, and sometimes consequences.

Consider the “picture” you have created in your mind of what this person should look like. (Here is a recipe for disaster.) You may well over look your soul-mate because that person did not match the image you created. Here is a quote that is at best, shallow:

 Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes clean to the bone. – Dorothy Parker

Science has also told us that many of the visual qualities of beauty are in symmetry. An example of this is if you draw a line down through the center of someone’s face. (Please do this on a picture.) Scientific studies tell us, the more features that have their counterpart evenly balanced on both sides of the line; the more attractive the person would be, within reason of course. Another quality people tend to observe is skin quality; less blemishes and irregularities are more attractive. There are more examples of these, but I want to keep things easy to understand.

The odds are against you…

I recently was talking to a client about what she imagines her perfect partner to be. Low and behold, she is holding out for the Knight in Shining Armour. She holds an image of a tall, blond, blue-eyed wealthy wonder of a man that would suddenly appear and whisk her off her feet. Of course that can happen. But her personal details are not conducive to support that circumstance. But even though the odds are against her for this to happen, it is still possible; even probable with the right programming to support her efforts. She has a bit of work to do. It is one thing to get “him”; but it is another to be able to hang on to him. He will be in high demand from other women looking for the same thing. (This could also lead to finding the undesirable boxes checked.)

Finding a Partner is Stressful…

For most people, finding a partner that you want to spend a substantial portion of your life with and potentially create a family with is daunting. Would this pursuit carry a certain amount of stress? YES! One of the first rules when you are programming is to take stress out of the picture. You are talking about discipline. Even the coolest character can lose control when it comes to matters of the heart.

Review of Programming…

  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Stress-free

If you are not programming with these 3 things in mind, you are getting in your own way. You become your own worst enemy.

The Problem with Programs…

A client wanted a new car. He told me he was not having success with his program. He then tells me that he is actually programming for the “money” to purchase the car he wants. (That was the problem.) Often times when people program for money, they have belief systems that prevent them from gaining the money. Therefore the program fails. But if they focus on the objective (the new car) instead of the money, then they do not need to deal with their anti-money belief. It increases the effectiveness of the program.

I teach my clients to use easy, simple, and stress-free programming. Their results are much more reliable. Before my teaching, many of my clients had been misinformed about how the Law of Attraction and Programming really work.

Sharing is Caring,

Shannon Panzo

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