Your Pursuit of Passion Should Never Take a Holiday

Get more passion for your health and reap the rewards


Ask Yourself,…

  1. Are you passionate about your health?

  2. What is your health worth?

  3. How would you know if you are healthy?


Based on over 45 years’ of exploring and implementing alternative health regimes, I have developed my own definition of health, and I commend it to you. Hardly anybody I have met has a clear definition in their mind! My definition is this:

Health’ is the unique optimal balance for each person of mental, physical, and spiritual elements.

Most people consider themselves healthy if they are not sick or specifically unwell in a particular aspect. However, this is a limited and limiting view of our existence. Imagine a health spectrum of 1 to 100, where 1 is almost dead, and 100 is perfect health. Not being unwell is just 51 on this scale. A minor ailment would put you as unhealthy, but probably at 49.

You would be unlikely to say you are ‘healthy’ if you have ailments.

Now, on this spectrum, or scale, where would you rate yourself and your health? Tell the truth: don’t fool yourself.

I repeat my question at the start of this blog: are you passionate about your health?

If your health is over 90 on my scale, then these are the rewards you will reap:


∞ You are highly energetic
∞ When you are highly energetic, you can add enormous value
∞ The universe rewards you based on the value you add, so you will receive enormous benefits
∞ The benefits will be mental (money, recognition, status, achievement), physical (things you can buy with money, experiences, feeling great) and spiritual (fun, contribution, friendship, passion)
∞ You will spend very little on medical bills and you won’t worry about medical insurance at the highest level
∞ You will not lose time in hospital having operations or treatments
∞ Your relationships will be improved because it is difficult to be loving and caring when you are unwell
∞ You will have an outstanding sex life
∞ You will have more fun: being sick is not fun!
∞ You can live your life continuously on purpose and with meaning, without constant and frequent interruptions because you are unwell.

I suggest to you that the rewards for you in dollar terms of this list of items is many millions of dollars.

When you see this, you will learn not to ignore your health, or to accept a health assessment of less than 80 on my scale.

Don’t be silly: learn to value your health. Generate a deep passion for your health. Be happy to pay the price of caring for your health. It is a ridiculously small price to pay!


Charles Kovess


Kovess International

“Harnessing Passion for World-Class Results!”

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