Your Word For Today is “Spry”, S P R Y

Be “Spry”


Building a Good Vocabulary

Do you remember when your grade school teacher would give everyone the word of the day? You were to use it in as many sentences as you could throughout the day. This is a great way to build a good vocabulary…  O N E  W O R D  at a time. Actually, at that rate, you would probably be reincarnated to your next life before you really would have a substantial vocabulary.

Now, before I tell you the exciting bits, I am going to tell you about the word “spry”. It is a very good word, because it can be used in many ways. It is an adjective. Which also means it can be used to describe other words, a person’s mood, an activity, and many more fun things. So, for spry’s sake, here is what it means:

Synonyms for Spry:

brisk, nimble, agile, lively, active, sprightly, vigorous

So, now you know what spry means.

Here a couple of examples of using spry in a sentence:

Gee, he has a ‘spry’ walk.

I am planning to have a nice ‘spry’ day!

You could even use it in combination with another of my favorite words, “glib”:

I really enjoy a ‘glib spry’ conversation! (Oh! I just remembered. I hadn’t given you the other word yet. Oh well… just a bit, in a ‘glib’ sort of way.)

Don’t worry, it is just all bushwa! (Now there is a very nice sounding word. You would think it would be French… of sorts.)

By now, you may be a little peeved with me for using words that you are not comfortable using. Well, go to your shanty and have a little whinge. When you decide to do something about it, come back and see us.

Really, in the world of today, it is not enough to have a good vocabulary, but you really do need to know what words mean at a deeper level; their vibration, their impact.

I recently queried a person living in Canada about the spelling of their name. Even though the person was Canadian, the name turned out to be Welsh, the country of origin was Wales. My personal curiosities lead me down strange paths from time to time.

(Here is something fun for the single guys: The next time you find yourself in the awkward position of the opening line to start a conversation, ask an intelligent question that makes the other person think a little; but not so much they go into meltdown over it. You never know where it may lead. You may even get the opportunity to ask a second question. NOTE: Stay away from the topics of politics, sex, and religion. You might go for something like, “What is the spelling of hyperbole?” Just make sure you pronounce it right. If they know the correct spelling, they have potential.)

I would like you to share the fascination and joy of this seemingly boring world of words with me. But you have much to do if you are playing catch up.

There is a training you should take a look at… Gee, I must have forgotten what it was called… It had such a catchy name, too… It just has to be here somewhere…

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