2 Pages Per Second – Minimum

2 Pages Per Second – Minimum by Thornton Massie Tice My son came to me one night while I was working on the computer and asked, “Poppa, can you find something about speed reading on the Internet for me?  I’d like to learn it.”  “Sure” I replied, and within a few seconds I had a page of speed reading courses

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Are You Depressed?

Scientists have proven that if we have any more than 7 things to choose from, we go into overload; meltdown. They have even connected this to Clinical Depression.

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Bonus Programs for ZOX Pro Training Clients

Just a quick update on the current Bonus Offers available to ZOX Pro Training Clients: ZOX Pro Video Contest: http://ZOXpro.com/contest/ Contest Closing:  November 30, 2010 ZOX Pro & Seminar Bonus: Get money back by attending either the eBrain Executive Seminar or Brain Management Seminar Link for Application Form coming soon. Offer closes December 31, 2010

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