Television – The Mental Message, Hidden Agendas Exposed

Television – The Mental Message, Hidden Agendas Exposed

The advantage of having a strong mind is your ability to use your brain power to outsmart things that may hurt you in some way. But these things are not obvious; in fact, we choose to invite them in. Your power of mind gives you choice. First you must realize the danger exists.

The impact that television makes on your life

I already know what most, if not all, of you are going to say, “Don’t take away my TV!”. Actually, I am NOT going to do that at all. Also, what I am NOT going to do is load you up with a bunch of superfluous statistics that you really don’t care about anyhow.

Here is what I am going to do: I am going to talk to you. I am going to ask you questions. I will make you think. I will give you information that may challenge your judgment on what you watch on TV. It may even make you wonder why some of the shows are even on TV at all.

Please keep in mind that I am going to base this primarily on the biggest TV Show Factory, the USA, because many of these shows are syndicated, translated, and distributed globally. I am going to start with a real shocker. So if you don’t want to read this part or expose yourself to it, then just skip over it. If this is not relevant to you, PLEASE IGNORE IT!

I also realize than many of you are from various areas of the world that do not even allow these types of TV programs to be shown on TV. There are many different cultures and beliefs the world over about this issue. So, after reading this, you may want to consider what is right or wrong when it comes to discretionary viewing of violence on TV.

Law and Dis-order

The desensitization to horrors unimaginable by most are shown in prime time TV. What I am speaking of are shows that show every conceivable way to commit and get away with murder (from this point on I will refer to this word a “M”, so I an not giving it more energy than it already has) C S I type cop shows and such sure they make it interesting, with all the technical jargon and lab work, all surrounded by corpses. They even get to catch the killer. But, all the while you are being pummeled by the reoccurring gestures thoughts and talk of Ms. And as if that wasn’t enough, they talk about other Ms on other episodes, and so on, and so on…

A study was done in America on habits and possessions of Serial Killers. It was found that they usually drove an excessive amount of miles and they often had hundreds of volumes of cop and C S I videos in their home – their study material. The most recent ones out of Hollywood are gorier than ever before.

Losing Our Innocence and our Integrity

My first question for you to think about is why? Why, from channel to channel, are they full of M programs? It is like a train wreck – everyone stops and stares. People get hooked in. Some of these shows have police doing illegal acts, but nothing is said about that – as long as they catch the bad guy. Even if they don’t, still nothing is said, or it’s shrugged off.

Garbage In – Garbage Out!

There is an old saying when it comes to information. Garbage In – Garbage Out. What are M programs doing to the general populace? What are they doing to your children? What are they doing to you?

Can programs make a person think that M is all very normal, that M happens every day? If a person is only a bit unstable in the way they think, may they start thinking that M might be an alternative solution to their problems, because of the suggestion that it is ‘normal’ in the world?

If you are the type of person that does like to watch M programs, next time THINK about this: Every time you or anyone else turns their set onto a M program, YOU are telling the TV station that YOU want more M programs on TV. From this process of the TV stations answering the response of viewers, the general public has demanded more and more M programs to be aired – the uglier, the better. Now there are versions that glorify the “M”er and make them into hero figures!

Law of Attraction

There is this thing called the “Law of Attraction”. How we initiate the Law of Attraction, on a very simplistic level, is to visualize what you want to attract into your life. Some LOA exercises suggest that you build yourself a video of what you want to have happen. So, what do you think people are going to attract if they are continually watching M programs on TV?

A momentary departure. How does the Law of Attraction play out if all we watch are ‘doom and gloom’ disaster movies that create destruction on a global scale. What I am talking about is Global Annihilation here, eradication of all life, and so on. When you couple that with the environmentalists saying that we are destroying the Earth anyhow, what results can we achieve with the Law of Attraction?

Let me answer that a different way. Thanks goes out to Hollywood for creating so many different types of Disaster and Tragedy that the global consciousness cannot focus long enough on one specific type of disaster to complete the creation part of the cycle. On the other hand, does it do us any good wondering when the next asteroid the size of Manhattan is going to fall on you – “Chicken Little”.  Now back to the main topic of contention – M.

Television – The Psychological Paradise

I hope that I may be breaking through that shell of denial by now. I haven’t even got to the super-psychological bits yet. Digital TV makes the picture clearer, right? Yes. But It also makes it easier to embed images and subliminals into the picture. Some advertising techniques have even triggered viewers to have seizures.

When you take in consideration that your conscious mind only registers about 1/10,000 of the amount of information that your brain takes in, then look at all the “other, possibly abusive” material you could be viewing at any time while watching M programs. Right now you should be asking, “Why would they be adding even more subliminals to an already intense, thrilling M program?” They want you to get “locked in” and come back each week. Some shows have multiple shows on each week, just to get you to come back quicker – to keep you locked in.

There is also a very nasty little psychological twist to M programs. You may consciously say that visions of death, blood bones and gore are terrible. But to the subconscious, these visions create a primal reaction, a sensation that you are “macho”, and can defeat death. That is the real attraction. In a weird way, by watching M programs, it makes you feel good. Right now, you may go into denial and say, “Not me, it doesn’t do that to me!” IT DOES.

The Proof is in the Pudding!

You can prove it to yourself. The next time your ‘favorite’ 1-hour M program is scheduled to come on, switch to something else. Don’t switch to it at all while your favorite M program is on. Chances are that within 15 minutes of whatever other non-M program that you are watching, you will be in withdraw. You may not even know what the other show is, because you have been thinking about nothing but your favorite M program. Within 30 minutes you may have unwittingly gone back to your favorite M program. The nervousness and tension are instantly vanquished – like illicit drugs.

If you can turn away from your favorite M program – your “Fix”, without even giving it a second thought, then you have mental strength that is uncommon today. Pat yourself on the back. If you did find it the least bit difficult, then maybe you should assess yourself. I will leave that up to you. You know what is right for you.

The other issue that comes up with seeing visions or images of M and death is desensitization. The value that is put on life goes down. We, the human race, are all diminished by this, no matter where in the world we live.

A Business Experience…

I recently had an experience that was brought about by a connection to another type of business. Let’s call it Business “A” A man associated with business A comes over to discuss business. For some reason, I didn’t really feel very comfortable with him as I usually do with most other people. I quickly found out about his “Too Cool” hobby that he just couldn’t hold back telling me about. His hobby is volunteering to find Dead bodies with his local CSI. He has special devices, tools, cameras, etc. to fill this volunteer task.

He looked at me like I was insane when I asked him not to talk about his adventures anymore. “But EVERYONE likes to hear about it!” he exclaimed. “It’s Important!” (Of course someone needs to do the work. It’s important work. But is it work to love and relish in? He thought so.) I could not get away from him fast enough. I don’t want, need, or desire energy of that nature around me if I have a choice in it. Needless to say, we didn’t hit it off. And the male bonding thing was definitely out.

I find fossils and petrified wood where I live. Things that died some 400 Million years ago – like dinosaurs. That is the only interest in ‘dead’ things that I have. It intrigues me that animals have been alive on the planet for that long. I love to LIVE! Of course part of life is death and there are obligations that must be considered and upheld. I do not seek it out or revel in it.

The TV Setting that is used least – OFF

If M, and graphically illustrated programs showing every aspect of the most morbid M is okay to show on TV, Why must everyone that may be skipping across the channels of their TV, be constantly assaulted with these images, even if they choose not to watch them.

There are plenty of other things that are not illegal activities that could be shown on TV, and the ratings would probably be the same if not higher. If most people were like me, the TV would be in the OFF position for most of the time. I am not satisfied by what they say my choice is. I always have another choice that I often take – OFF. I have much better things to do, and I have much more respect for myself to allow myself to be infiltrated by “Garbage”.

THINK how ridiculous the systems that regulate these things have become. The Inmates are running the Asylum! The Clowns are running the Circus!

So What Can I Do About It?

If you are reading this article, you probably value your mind a bit more than the average person, you have no desire to enhance or create pseudo-insanity, and you don’t want a ridiculous outside influence to manipulate your life. To counter the problem you need to know the problem exists and what the trap is. Raise your awareness; take up exercising your brain and your willpower.

Of course, I have the perfect mind power product for you to do it with. (Tongue in cheek.) But before you come to us, I want you to go out there, spend allot of money and time chasing all the promises of all those other products. (NO, I don’t want you to go somewhere else, but many of you will.) Then after you spend oodles of your precious time and money, you can come to us, and we will teach you the all-in-one package. By going to all these other places, you will really appreciate us that much more when you do come to us. How do I know this? My clients tell me so!

Keep Looking Up!

Shannon Panzo

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  • That was a really interesting and thought-provoking article. Spot on! A lovely friend told me years ago that she never watches violent/horrible programmes and it got me thinking. I really respect her and the way she lives and I too stopped watching all that rubbish. As you rightly say, garbage in, garbage out.

    Plus you point out the insidious way in which THOUSANDS and MILLIONS of pieces of information are going into our brain of which we have no conscious awareness. So we really should become very mindful of what we turn our attention to.

    I have pointed out your article to my two sons. Hope it has some impact on their viewing habits. (They’re rather large to influence in any way other than friendly persuasion!)

    Thank you!

  • Thanks Shannon

    I agree, and find most of my viewing in the documentary section of my viewing package. My kids like to watch Disney and Nickelodeon, and I get quite rattled at the type and frequency of advertising these poor kids are subjected to. That then becomes my problem whenever we hit the local supermarket!

    Thanks for writing about this.


  • Shannon, Thank you for being consistant & passistant in the effort to bring this well known facts to average Joe and Joanna. Usually efforts made by you and others in this area are not apreciated untill people becames brain clensed and ready to face reality. Outside of thier own BOX…
    Keep doing good work, you will get there!

  • We have been subliminal since the first black and white show came on the idiot box
    and it got so bad the government said to back off in the early fifties but not too much cause this helps us control these drones and their children and so on and so on for generations so that we can do whatever we want and they will just go along like the herd and we will take care of the ones that get out of line will be taken care of and dealt with. Thanks again…just thinking out loud….

  • sindiswa witbooi

    I really want to have this but I don’t know how to purchase as I am in South Africa

  • the Grand Smith Wizard

    Great sales copy, guys. You must good a great deal of business ~ !
    Why is your ‘product’ any different than the ones??????
    Why should I spend a $1.00 on your ‘product’?

    Be very careful of how you answer my questions….. I AM, after all, the Grand Smith Wizard ~~~~~> !


    looking forward to your answers

  • Thanks Shannon. A true article indeed – as I recall the vivid pictures we are submitted to and shocked by, over the years, in the ‘name of crime prevention’ by a large TV production company that featured Las Vegas, Miami and NYC. I agree that the input is often ‘counter-productive training’ in terms of what is good for society and its young, impressionable, photographically memorizing minds! Geoff.

  • This is plain truth! Late Brother William Marrion Brenham of the End Time Message Ministry preached about the Television and called it the instrument of the devil. It did not make sense then because by then, in Zambia, the National Television had programs to discriminate and disseminate only positive government achievements and Christian programs. But now it is different. With the coming of CD & DVD players, we are getting stuff like Nigerian films that just promote witchcraft and other bad things. Is there a way we can make this world a better place?

  • Hi Shannon,
    I love mystery programs and I’m afraid that M is inseparable with it now. Every season I have learnt to re-adjust my viewing. What program are on and when, do they clash with putting the kids to bed? Do I enjoy them? Do I think about them after watching them – dream/nightmare etc. If I miss an episode does it ruin the plot – I prefer not to be that involved in the show. I also consciously make a decision not to starting watching a new show or a new season.

  • Hi Leona,

    I am not sure what you should do. The Disney channel seems to be a relatively good choice, and you are almost guaranteed to wind up with a good feeling at he end. Nature shows don’t have much mystery attached, but they do have the mysteries of life. You may be able to get some movies that are more to your pleasure on DVD. The rest will be your decision. Half the battle is being aware that there is a problem. Knowing the source of the problem gives you a better picture. Sometimes the results are not very noticeable, so be aware.

    Good Luck,

  • David Alexander

    I just want to thank you for your ongoing pursuit of the truth about life, how our minds are being controlled, and how we can free ourselves through understanding.

  • I have not watched TV for over Thirty years.I see it on the ones at the gym, All 17 of them. Its amazing what they broadcast. Ironically I’m producing HD content for internet TV. Exploring human potential is the first program. Fortunately we only are able to be aware of 1/10000th of that cheesy programming. As a blessing, impact is related to the emotional content combined with visual and other sensory input, AND we have poor memories. That’s what saves us. LOL.

  • Hello Shannon,
    I like the fact that you are willing to breach what can be a touchy subject. I have found that talking to someone about their choices in entertainment can cause a bit of tension between them and you. At times pride jumps right in the way of such a discussion and cuts you short. Its no easy task sometimes to warn others of potential danger without their pride obstructing their view of what you are saying. ( I like the ‘prove it to yourself’ section of your argument. Its hard to deny a fact if you have experienced it yourself.) I, as well as millions of others, however, whole heatedly agree that much of the entertainment today leaves you feeling depressed, unfulfilled, and maybe even mad at yourself for wasting your time on something that only degrades ones conscience. The inner voice that helps you decide right from wrong goes ignored by many today.

    I feel that humans are wired internally to want to live. Just one proof of this is the kill or be killed mentality that is prevalent today. And those who have a Christian belief, say that although they feel they will go to heaven, readily admit that when it looks like their life may end sooner than later, they are not ‘ready to go’. Why? Because we are designed to live and want to live. Indeed the things you mentioned about how uncomfortable the death representative scenes in popular programming make you feel, shows you are trying to hold on to your sense of humanity, that which is undeniably human, the will to live and enjoy life. It is sad that TV shows are designed to grate against this.

    I am glad that people like yourself who choose not to be sucked into mindless oblivion are getting others to realize the real dangers in entertainment today. Although it is true that there is more conscience friendly programming available, devoting excessive amounts of ones time to even this can be detrimental to ones health, both mentally and physically.

    Fundamentally, as you well pointed out, each person can choose to turn off the television when we feel like something isn’t right. I believe that this can be one of the better choices we make through the day. It seems like there could be many other much more beneficial ways a person could spend their time. Perhaps enjoying nature, or pondering important questions like the ones we intuitively asked as children, such as ‘Why are we here? Why is life so short? ( It seems 70 or 80 years is barely enough time to perfect even one talent.) Will war, hatred, disease, and poverty ever end? Why do we grow old, get sick, and die?’ Truly, trying to find SATISFYING answers to such basic but important questions may lead one on a quest that could last a lifetime if that person were to leave out the possibility that a book such as the bible may hold the answers to them. For instance, the answer to “Why do we grow old get sick and die?” can be found, in part, at Romans 5:12. It mentions that humans inherited imperfection from Adam, who having been perfect originally, passed on the consequences of disobedience to all his offspring. We all die because of a bad decision made by our first human parent in the Garden of Eden. The inquisitive mind will find that such an answer brings up even more questions, like, ‘How long will things be this way?’ That’s good. Because once again the bible, an amazing book to say the least, will have the answer to those inquiries as well.

    After all if the bible doesn’t hold the answers to such questions then all you are left with is the ever changing opinions and philosophies of men. (Which as we all know are subject to change at any time or bend to what ever is popular.)Which would you rather bank on being right? Remember, the bible is thousands of years old, the wisdom of which has never changed within it. Being authored by the Creator it has provided the guidance needed for millions of people today to have a truly happy life.

    Looking into such a book can be a truly rewarding alternative to TV watching.