The Secret Law of Attraction, Depression & Focus

Depression and Focus

Depression will be my topic for today and its effects on the decision making process; and focus and its relationship to the Secret Law of Attraction. In my another article, I discussed gaining Clarity and the decision making process.

Let’s recap:

“The Law of Attraction is based on ‘sympathetic vibration‘ and anything that disrupts this flow of  energy,  will cause the flow to stop.  If a person is clear of inhibitions and beliefs that throw a wrench into the gears, then the opportunity to achieve the preferred outcome is much better.”

One of the things that can disrupt the flow of energy is depression and the use of anti-depressants.  It’s a sad fact, but many people take anti-depressants to help them get through the day. However, Anti-depressants are not really focused to your problem or tuned to your brain and they may cause changes in other areas of your life.

The results of anti-depressants on your depression issues vary depending on the issues you experience and your tolerance to the side effects – there is always a trade off.  For example:  Let’s assume, you want to overcome depression so you are given anti depressants to counter the constant exhaustion you are feeling at work, and the upheaval this causes at home.  You start feeling better and you start being out of your depression – you’re more agreeable in the work place, you’re getting along with your partner and your libido ramps up… sounds great doesn’t it?  However, despite the increased libido, you just can’t perform in bed – it’s like a switch has been turned off.  That’s what I mean by a trade-off – some parts of your life improve, but others will be affected.

Did you realize that what you are eating & drinking may have an effect on the depression you experience particularly drugs, alcohol and even caffeine?  Studies on Attention Deficit Disorder & Hyperactivity have also shown that foods with additives, sugars and artificial colors and sweeteners all have adverse effects on normally healthy people.

Stop now and consider how what you are eating and drinking may be affecting you. Clearing depression from your mind and body is a key to help you make good decisions in your life and tap into the Law of Attraction.

Focus and Resolve Depression

Once you’ve addressed what you eat and drink as it might be the ones that cause depression, you need to focus so you can keep your eye on the prize. It’s important that you don’t let others or things bother you – develop your resolve.

Now, this is really where The Secret kicks in – most people don’t realize that you must participate to attract what you want in your life. The participation that I’m talking about is in the setup, and many feel that there is more energy required in the setup, than in the actual doing thus resolving depression.  By setup, I mean developing Your Clarity.

Activating the Secret Law of Attraction needs attention. So, focus, be resolved in your depression and believe that you can do this.


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