Has AOL Outlived its Usefulness? AOL Users Please Read This.

AOL Clients

May I have your attention please?

You must be thinking this is a different type of post coming from Shannon. Well, it is. [First, a little history lesson: BLOGs started as “Business” Logs for internal and external events. So I am going to use this BLOG entry in the business sense; reporting a business incident.]

It has come to my attention that many of our clients that we serve have been having problems receiving our email. There have been several email providers that have been causing this breakdown in communication. We are concerned. We have addressed this issue with all of the email providers that were causing the problem. There is only one email provider that has made it to our “Wall of Shame” and has not restored our ability to easily and clearly deliver our email to our clients. That entity is AOL; America On Line.

Remedy: Consider removing your email from AOL

If you have an AOL account and you have received this email on AOL, then consider yourself lucky. We want to provide exemplary service to our clients. AOL is preventing us from doing that. If you have an AOL account, please consider changing it away from AOL, or have our email come into an address through a different provider. Gmail seems to be the service of choice these days.

ALSO, it is helpful that you include these addresses in your Address Book or White List associated with your email account:


AOL is acting strangely

Most of the SPAM that I receive is addressed as coming from AOL. They may be doing some housecleaning, but this is the same as “shutting the gate after the bull has escaped”.

We are conducting business and providing ongoing service to our clients. We should be allowed to communicate with those that have chosen to communicate and do business with us. AOL is breaking down communications between us and our clients. You are free to contact AOL if they are your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and voice your concerns.

Therefore, if you are an AOL, America On Line, customer, please Consider changing your email address over to gmail, or another service. Then take the appropriate actions to remain in contact with us.

Thank you for your time.


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  • Hmm.. that is very strange! We all know AOL is a big company owned by big corps, I wonder why they would want to hinder this communication connection?

  • AOL has sucked from its inception! I fired them after a few months…. long ago.

  • I am an AOL customer and I get your Blog emails all the time and made sure they are not sent to the SPAM folder. Shall I still keep attaching my subscription with my AOL email address anyway?

    • The article refers specifically to the 2 email email extensions that have been affected;

      We use those addresses to communicate with our clients. You always have a choice as to what you do.