Train Your Mind To Craft The Life You Want

Be Successful…

Recently, I discussed how your beliefs affect your ability to become wealthy.  Today, I want to share a few more thoughts and insights about how some of the things you were told when you were young (and that you took on) affect you today.

Successful people DO what unsuccessful people WON’T

THIS IS TRUE: So many people simply give up because it’s too hard. Many VERY wealthy people started their journey with nothing. Are YOU ready to think like, act like and be wealthy, including all of life’s’ ups and downs, or are you just going to sit there dreaming, and criticizing others for having a go at doing great things?

If you limit yourself to your existing capabilities, you will not go further. If you want to be successful, do not sit there and wonder how others do it. Go out and do something about it. Force your mind to think how can “YOU” achieve your own. Do not let a small thing such as money block you from becoming successful. Find a way to get around it.

Success is gauged on how much you have given up

Another “TRUTH”. How much are you willing to give up to get to where YOU SAY you want to be? Would you put EVERYTHING on the line to get there? Or would you rather play it safe and stay within your comfort zone.

Self-limitation and risk takes a big part on the whole success and wealth scenario. Sometimes, you need to give up everything to get you where you want to be. Ask yourself this: are you willing to risk it all to become successful or how much are you willing to risk getting on top?

A penny saved is a penny earned

Not True. Do the math. Unless you are a compulsive gambler, this is not true.

Life is fair

Stop kidding yourself! Life will always have challenges and problems which will not seem fair. This is how it worked before and how it still works. It is your obligation to adjust in life and accept your achievements.

Mind To Mind is all about the complex nature of the brain & mind.

It’s up to you to make the appropriate changes to craft the life you wish to have.  If you really want something, train your mind to think that it is possible to achieve anything. Do not think of the problems, rather think of addressing problems, and finding solutions, as merely another step you need to take, to get to where you want to go.

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