Brain Management: Overcome Your Beliefs

Brain Management

You might have heard of the saying: “you are the only thing that is keeping you from achieving your goals”.  Some of you may not believe this and you might even wonder how you prevent yourself from becoming wealthy when you do the best that you can, everyday.

The simple fact is that, from when you were young, you had people around you that told you things and instructed you in the ways of the world. Some of the things they told you, and that you took on as your o.wn, are untrue.

Let’s look at two examples and insights:

Money Corrupts

I would say that it is the LACK of money that is corrupting the mind of the people and forcing them to act the way they do. People are forced to commit crimes because they feel that they cannot afford this or that. But if you really think about it, greed is what’s actually causing us to think that money is not enough.

The harder you work, the further you get?

Here’s a good one! The ditch-digger is a hard worker and will be digging ditches until the cows come home. The only ‘further’ he will get is getting more ditches dug. Is hard work going to get you ahead – not necessarily.

Some people think that working hard is their road to wealth and success. This is not entirely true. The key to success is not hard work but Smart Work. You need to have a strategy and have a good plan to achieve your goals. No matter how hard you work, without setting your goal, you will get nowhere.

You need to visualize yourself achieving how far will go. Set a detailed plan on your mind on how you can achieve your mission and what steps you need to make to get it.

Hint: Start your journey from within. If there is anything that will hold you back or sabotage you along the way, it will be in YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS! Only Brain Management can bypass your mind.

An added insight from Mind To Mind: Wealth comes in many different forms. Make sure you chose the right one for you.

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  • I agree with you.
    You can find the same true and fact in osho books;
    this man speaks about subconscious

    • Ibrahim,

      Thank you for that input. There is a constant flow of good information about how the mind works. People just need to unclog their ears and listen; then act on it to produce the best life for themselves.