Exercise Your Brain through Mental Photography

One of the great benefits of Mental Photography is that it enhances your experience of reading. On average, an adult will read at approximately 250 words per minute (wpm) however, an adult who is trained in Mental Photography techniques will generally be able to read at 25,000 wpm (or more!).

Mental Photography

Mental Photography is a learning technique that allows you to assimilate information at 100 times the average reading speed, with 100% retention for life. This technique is natural and it uses the “whole brain”, which is why it can help you exercise your brain and will defy the nature of slow reading.

The way we are taught to read at school is not in our very natures – it is a learned ability, and in the process of learning to read our ability to access our Photographic Memory is lost.

Mental Photography forges pathways to a part of our brain that has amazing abilities – like being able to read 100 times faster and retain that information forever. Literally, your reading experience could be faster than two pages per second with 100% retention. However, Mental Photography is not just limited to learning; it also opens up those amazing abilities the brain has.

Exercise Your Brain

There are numerous benefits if you exercise your brain:

Elevated Whole Brain Activity – this means that you can utilize both the left and right brain at the same time, at a much higher level. For example, right brain activity is creativity, imagination and feelings; while left brain activity is logical thinking and facts. By elevating the use of both sides of your brain, you can expand your brain’s function and accept more information than usual.

Strengthens neural pathways – When your neural pathways are strengthened, you can think or even feel things automatically. You can absorb information faster: like learning how to play a musical instrument, learning how to drive, learning to speak a new language or even how to play a sport.

Hemispheric Balancing – When the two hemispheres of brain are balanced, a person can achieve their goals more easily and quickly.

Heightened communication between the conscious and the subconscious; You can literally grow more memory (Dendrites) and develop quicker and clearer thinking.


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