How was ZOX Pro Training created?

How was ZOX Pro Training created?

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Born out of Speed Reading

Richard Welch, before he was known as the “Father of Mental Photography”, bought the American Speed Reading Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. After finding the deficits with speed reading, Richard challenged his staff to discover a great deal more; and discover they did! Out of speed reading came a hyper speed reading method using your photographic memory we now know as Mental Photography, or ZOXing. At 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 words per minute and faster, a new benchmark was born for the education and learning industries.

Since 1975, the Brain Management Seminar was taught primarily in the United States and Canada.

Brain Management becomes global

Back in the 1990s there was sudden interest to have Brain Management and Mental Photography taught in different areas of the world. Since Educom / Brain Management did not have Instructors all over the world, the company solved the problem by introducing an “at home” version of the seminar – the Brain Management and Mental Photography Home Version which was sent out to all corners of the globe.

What made the Home Study Training effective is it was created from a successful seminar teaching our principles of Mental Photography, use of the photographic memory, accelerated learning, advanced discovery, and more. These are the same qualities found in ZOX Pro Training today.

ZOX Pro Training is born

Finally, in 1998, ZOX Pro Training was introduced through the Internet to the world at large through a digital platform. The support provided by ZOX Pro Training is paramount to consistent client results.

Quality Assurance

Only these trainings in their original form provide the path of least resistance for people seeking to enhance their lives with the results offered here. Quality assurance for the client mandates that only our Certified Instructors be allowed to present these trainings.

Shannon Panzo, PhD

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