Memorial Day – The Day of Heroes (Soldiers, Defenders…)

Memorial Day

Most countries around the world have their version of Memorial Day to remember their soldiers, defenders, and their heroes of the past. Most are ultimately the forgotten fallen, and many will always remain the “nameless soldier“.

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Heroes are Created

Most Heroes never intend to be heroes. They are born out of circumstance and chaos. You may be living next to a #hero and never know it. People can be heroes to a single person, a few people, or to many. And yes, most real heroes do not want to be recognized as a hero for doing good deeds or deeds of valor. They are the kings of the selfless act. As their laurel wreath on the mantelpiece fades and decays, they live their lives influencing others to lead the honorable life.


Hope and Reminiscence

Sure, hope may seem idealistic, naive, and in some ways just unrealistic. Everyone needs their heroes – a cornerstone of the community, someone to count on when things go awry, or just a belief there is still good in the world; no matter how you are set upon by others. Heroes give us words of hope. If you truly give up #hope, then you are lost. There is always room for hope. The only way you can lose hope is to give it up yourself. Hope does not cost you anything, and provides you momentum where there is none.

Never Give Up!


Facts about Memorial Day

Time to reflect on what has already happened, and the moment to make decisions for your future.

Use this moment to remember your pastyour deeds, your triumphs and your failures.

“History tends to repeat itself”

The reason for this quote is people tend to forget their failures and only concentrate on their successes. When you forget your failures and the lessons they taught you, then you commit yourself to repeat your previous mistakes, thus; history repeats itself.

Your life is a series of choices. Each decision you make, no matter how large or small, influences and changes the direction your path will take through life. That is why it is important to learn the lessons from your previous defeats.

Hero… You have many more decisions to make.

Tread carefully,

Shannon Panzo

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Memorial Day – for Hope

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