Natural Brain Entrainment vs. Artificial Brainwave Induction

Natural Brain Entrainment vs. Artificial Brainwave Induction

When I first posted this article, my intent was to be clear and only speak of one specific circumstance where the system that someone was using didn’t provide what his goal was. I wanted to keep it brief – maybe too brief. (I apologize to my readers that I was not more thorough.) This added a degree of confusion to the point I was hoping to make – which I am now re-stating.
Supercharge Your Brain with<br /> <h3><br /> <h3>Mental Photography!</h3> <p></h3> <p>Please keep in mind, that there are many different systems, and even technical electronic systems that are available in the marketplace. The idea that this is not an endorsement for brain entrainment is not true. This article is about a circumstance that needs to be addressed – that not all methods fit the personal results that a person is wanting to achieve.
While the electronic device referred to in the following article did not do the job it was purchased to do, does not mean that the device would not work with other objectives. It is up to the end user to decipher if the method or device is right for them AND will accomplish the objective they are seeking.
Because of the type of system that I personally use and teach,

Brain Management and Mental Photography

, my personal opinion is to KEEP IT NATURAL. Another way to look at this, is most of us only use <3% of our mental ability. So if a device or method can expand our parameters so that we have morebrain power great,… so long as when we take the outside stimulus away, the enhanced capabilities remain.

I have left the article in place. Please contemplate the information given above, before proceeding. Thank you.

This topic may be a bit ‘full on’ for some readers of Mind To Mind, so I will keep it as simple and to the point as I can. I will explain just one of the differences between Artificial Brainwave Induction and Natural Brain Entrainment, by telling you a story of what happened to a client of mine.

He was in his first year of study at a major #university. As with most people attending, he wanted to get good grades. He studied many different areas of brain enhancement, including artificial brain wave inducement to get the ‘edge’. There were a couple of application flaws he overlooked, unfortunately.

He felt that electronic technology had allot to offer over sound brain exercise that would maximize his efforts into usable output. So, every time he studied, he ‘hooked up’ to his expensive technical device, he was able to input all of the study material into a specific predetermined frequency within his brain.

He showed great results with testing, also while ‘hooked up’. The unfortunate thing was when he went into the exam – HE FAILED MISERABLY!

Why?,… What was the problem? What he didn’t account for is “the way you put the information in, is also the way the information must come out”.Since his teacher was not about to allow him to ‘hook up’ to his little machine, the #information was locked up, and not able to come through.

When I met this gentleman, he related his story to me, and told me that he was now ready to learn how to do it the right way,… the natural way, with Mental Photography. Out of consideration for his embarrassment, I never revealed it to the class.

I hope you found this true story insightful. Please make sure you’re not the one ‘caught out’!

Mind To Mind has your best interests in mind for you. This includes issues as to who should be in control of your mind, who should be programming your mind, and who should be manipulating you through the access to your brain and subconscious. The answer should be YOU!

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  • I would like to know if you have any reference or source for the assertion that information must come out the way it goes in. From experience I have observed that an environment close to the one studied in is conducive to testing but I can recall learned data at any time, at any place.

  • To sum it up ‘Experience’. I often have the experience to gain knowledge and experience from my clients without actually putting myself at risk to do so. In this particular case, I can share his experience with others as well.

    I do recognize that there are many different methods and devices to achieve a different state of consciousness in different ways.

    The moral of the story is not prohibition, it is – gain all the best information you can before making the decision to go down that particular road.

    Because your brain is precious, is it worth the risk (and maybe even damage) to blunder blindly forward?

  • As a follow-up to my previous comment, I want to be clear about one thing. I have noticed that most people in general, are looking for a quick fix in todays world. The organizations that SELL based on the Quick Fix stand to make a killing in the market place.

    Many people considering the difference between a technological ‘quick fix’ and a natural technique that may take more time, are not always looking for a QUALITY outcome. They may be more interest in fast results.

    There is virtue in ‘working’ a bit for the results. There certainly would be a higher sense of Personal Achievement.

    I support the natural way when it comes to doing things with your brain.

    When you ‘force feed’ the brain in an artificial way, you may find it is counter-productive in the long run.