Mental / Brain / Mind Energy – Anger

Mental / Brain / Mind Energy – Anger

Mental / Brain / Mind Energy is ‘just’ that – mental energy. The form it takes is what you chose to bestow upon it. Negative mental energy can be changed into positive mental energy – by YOU!

If something makes you angry, take the moment and divert that negative mental energy, laden full of emotion, to do something productive. As you continue to divert the anger energy you create, it will become easier and easier to continue to divert it. If you are putting that excess energy to productive use, then YOU will have better outcome than being consumed with anger.

The first step is to decide WHAT you want to be productive with. Think this through, and gain a clear picture before the next time you get angry. The rest will follow.

From Mind To Mind, we hope this is helpful for some of you. My aim is to help your brain work better.

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