Beliefs Stopping You? A little Brain Management can help.

Are My Beliefs Stopping Me?


Brain Management: Overcome Your Beliefs


You may have heard the saying:

“YOU are the only thing that is keeping YOU from achieving your goals.”

Some of you may wonder how you can prevent yourself from becoming wealthy when you do the best that you can.  The simple fact is that when you were young, you had people instructing you on the ways of the world.  Some of the things they told you were wrong.

Two Truisms as Examples


Money Corrupts

I would say that the LACK of money is what is corrupting minds of people and forcing them to act the way they do, for instance, feeling forced to commit crimes.  But in truth, greed is what causes us to believe money is never enough.  Remember, wealth comes in many forms.  Be sure you choose the right form of wealth for you.


The harder you work, the further you get

If this were actually true, ditch diggers would be millionaires. But in truth, they could dig ditches until the cows come home but the only “further” they get is in getting more ditches dug.  Still, some people think working hard is the road to wealth and success. But in truth, the key to success is not hard work but Smart Work.


You need a strategy and a plan. Without setting your goal, no matter how hard you work, you will get nowhere.  You need to visualize yourself achieving how far you will go.  Set a detailed plan on how you can achieve your mission and what steps you need to make to get there.

Hint: Start your journey from within. If anything will sabotage you along the way it will be YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS! Only Brain Management can bypass your conscious mind.

Shannon Panzo


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  • I quite agree that hard work is not in itself a recipe for making pots of money, and that other qualities of mind, such as vision, desire, inspiration, creativity and, circumstances or luck, may also play an important role in the pursuit of wealth !!!

    • Simon Collyns,

      It has also been recently talked about in many forums, that a person is only comfortable in the wealth space they occupy, and will actually only allow themselves modest or comfortable gains in a slow methodical manor from that point of reference. Yes, we agree. We see it all the time. For them to move beyond that limitation of their own making, they must program their mind that it really is okay to do so.

      Most people will be bound by guilt they may gain more than the next person. In that case, they are right, and will never allow themselves to take that final step over the line. They are “stuck”.


  • Can I achieve the proper results with ZOX Pro Training without someone to personally guide me?

    • Miqael,

      Yes, that is why ZOX Pro Training is so popular.

      It is all about giving you a complete system that works. The support system is there is you need it.