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I Am Giving Away My Ebook!

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Announcement: NEW “Special Edition” eBook

I am celebrating the launch of my NEWEST ebook!




Revealing Truth Under The Jackfruit Tree – Special Edition


( Contains BOTH Volume 1 and Volume 2 )



I have great news for you. My NEW ebook in the “Under the Jackfruit Tree” series has just been published. I am sure you will like it. To celebrate the release of this book, I am offering you the opportunity to get the THIRD volume, for free!

Chrysalis Transformation Under the Jackfruit Tree






DON’T WORRY if you do not have a Kindle. You can download the ‘Kindle app’ for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc., at Amazon.com at no cost.

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The THIRD book,

Chrysalis Transformation Under the Jackfruit Tree

will become available for the price of $0.00 sometime Friday, June 14, for 5 days, through Tuesday, June 18. Get it while you can.


It will not be available for free all around the world. We apologize if you miss out due to the policies of Amazon.com. We have no ability to change the way they do things.


 Shannon Panzo, PhD


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