Brain Fact #6: Many Ancient Philosophers got it Wrong. It’s All in Your Head

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It is all in your head




Ancient Philosophers get it Wrong

Until the 17th century, it was commonly believed that the heart was the source of human consciousness. A philosopher named Thomas Willis was among the first to recognize the immense powers that the brain possesses.

Finally, you can take advantage of this new-found knowledge, and use it to create success in your life. You will not need to suffer the dungeon or being burned as a heretic for thinking this way about the brain. That is what often happened back then, if you stated something contrary to common belief.

Shannon Panzo

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  • Hard to believe.
    Geoff S.

    • Geoff S.

      You think that is hard to believe?
      You are only as intellegent as the information you have been exposed to.
      When you expose yourself to more information, it broadens your horizons.

      Shannon Panzo

  • However, there are also many neurons in our heart as well as our digestive system, our “gut. So when we are in a stress situation, it is no wonder that our hearts and digestive systems react as well.


    • Rod, you are breaching a very deep subject. So with only a cursory statement, I will leave you with this:

      Non-Western Medicine, such as Chinese medicine and acupuncture uses the body’s meridians and sympathetic nervous system to treat and change the way your body responds. This is also why the Acupuncturist will place a needle well away from the organ being affected by it’s placement.

      Shannon Panzo

  • Geez Shannon, lucky you weren’t born back then or you’d be burnt on the stake!

    I am grateful you were born in this era to share your higher knowledge.

    Dr Algebra

    • Dr Algebra,

      There are still places in this world that I would not openly express myself. Superstician can be a powerful tool to drive fear in people. Fearful people can do terrible things.
      Shannon Panzo