Brain Joke: Rhinoplasty – Revisited

Once in a while I want to see what my fans  sensibilities are.  This was one of those times.  It is with no surprise that I confounded quite a few people with a joke.

The joke (for reference) again is:

I just had Rhinoplasty, because eyes nose too much.

1.  No, I did not have rhinoplasty.  It is a joke.  But thanks for the concern.

2.  Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery around the proboscis / nose area of the face.

3.  If a person just had rhinoplasty performed on their face, most likely that person would be numb enough to slur their words.  So, “eyes nose” translates to “I know”.

4.  And of course the play on the words “eyes” and “nose” as the area most likely affected by rhinoplasty.

5.  Then, the resulting phrase “I know too much” results from my personal adventure with Mental Photography or ZOXing, and the amount of knowledge I have gained over the years of using the system I teach.

So, there you have it.

Ponder this;  I was able to contain all that information, and a few things not discussed, into a single phrase.  As a source of personal entertainment, try it for yourself and see how you do.

Have Fun!

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  • Annemarie van Riet

    I’m a nurse, I nose what a noseplastic is, With one’s nose in the air .

    Rhinoplasty don’t smell, it is the nose who smells every nose,nose that..snif.

  • Amusing and thought provoking. I enjoyed it.

    Thanks Shannon

  • hey, really think this sounds great. Will definitely purchase when I can get some room on my credit card… I am not a mind person as such but would love to improve areas of memory retention and upkeep. Meditation is a practice I do with mantra but anything to help us grow is a plus. Thanks

  • Elliot Spiselman

    It’s still not funny. Like I said last lime, better keep your day job. But since you like comedy so much, try these:

    “Why did the punk-rocker cross the road?
    He had a chicken stapled to his face.”

    “Two cannibals were eating a clown.
    One turned to other and said, “Did he taste funny to you?”

    A nose by any other name, still smells.