Brain Joke: Rhinoplasty Smells Bad – Think

If I ever give you a joke, you should cherish it as a unique day.  Well, today is a unique day.

Typical of the types of jokes that would have me rolling around on the floor laughing, usually leaves others wondering or thinking what the joke was all about.  My jokes tend to be deep, thought provoking, and like this joke, it pokes fun at society.

Without any further lead up to my twisted brain teasing, mind altering Joke, here it is:

I just had Rhinoplasty, because eyes nose too much.

Now for those of you that just didn’t get it, I’ll give you a hint. Say, “Eyes Nose too much” 3 times fast and out loud.  You should be able to get it then.

Since I invented the joke, if you wish to pass it on, just let people know where you saw it first – Hopefully it will go viral (doubt it…).

Enjoy your day!

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  • i don’t get it

    i snooze too much?
    i know too much?

  • Annemarie van Riet

    I now ,your eyes nose too much . But why a Rhinoplast it is so drastic, take rosy spectacles or a welding goggles.

  • Finally, someone whose jokes are as bad as mine. LOL

    Keep up the good work!

    • Please look for a dry response blog entry. I have failed some of my clients to keep it clear enough.

  • Elliot Spiselman

    Dear Shannon,

    I love comedy, and when I was very young I used to memorize entire books of jokes to tell.

    I suggest you keep your current day job.

    Kind regards,
    (your Zox-pro student)

  • I snore too much?… or is it like the nose is so big your eyes can see it in its field of vision?

    Rhinoplasty won’t cure snoring as far as I no!

  • Did you hear about the veterinarian sued by the zoo, when their Rhino got eye injuries – because his rhinoplasty fell out? 🙂

    • It is nice to see others that take it on the cuff, just to dish it out! Great!

  • I like this this joke .keep it coming . i will definitely share this with my friends!