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The Secret Law of Attraction

Decision Making and Clarity 

Law of Attraction

Does the proper use of The Secret Law of Attraction confuse you?

In recent years there have been a number of organizations pop up that give you complex ways to solve simple problems. That seems a bit convoluted to how you would prefer to do things. Ask yourself this, why do some people make some things very complex when they do not need to be?


Creating a following

…and then more money.

There are many people that prey on others that do not have enough good information to make a proper decision.

Brain Management is different

We do our best to prepare our clients to use our trainings in the real world, and of their own accord. We keep it simple. Even in the simplest format, some people would think our training is complex. Why would we ever choose to make it complicated? Richard Welch spent over 10 years simplifying the process to make it easy to use. Here is one example:

The Law of Attraction

When you play connect-the-dots, you have to, well, connect the dots to create a picture. Some versions actually have the dots numbered, so that you know the exact sequence to follow. If you miss even one of the numbered dots, then your picture becomes a puzzle, or maybe just a jumble.  Think of The Secret Law of Attraction as a universal game of connect-the-dots.

The Secret of the Secret Law of Attraction

Each of the dots in The Secret Law of Attraction is equally important. But some dots require no effort while others seem impossible to link logically with the others. Regardless of the effort required by each dot, they each have an equal role toward gaining your ultimate objective.  And if one dot was just too difficult to link, or you inadvertently missed one, well, Game Over!

If you take shortcuts and fail to achieve your desired results, don’t blame The Secret Law of Attraction. Like those numbered dots, The Law of Attraction only works when you work it – by following the Rules of Engagement.

Developing Clarity

If you have too much on your mind, it is impossible to develop clarity. You must be CLEAR on the concept to achieve your desires – and to allow The Law of Attraction to work.  Let’s take decisions, for example. Everyone likes to have choices. But scientific research demonstrates that humans go into overload when more than seven choices are presented. So NOW you understand why you feel so bewildered when you go to the grocery store.

The Process of Elimination can assist decisions

Of course, you wouldn’t trade bewilderment for the problems faced by shoppers in the old Soviet Bloc – no choice at all, and really, there is no need to take such drastic measures. Simply start by determining what your real priority is.  Focus on that, while eliminating less important factors and you will soon develop valuable clarity on what really matters. Adding Mental Photography strengthens the brain, clears away the debris and allows your wonderful brain to function properly – FAST and CLEAN. Then you will see just how efficient The Secret Law of Attraction can be.

Law of Attraction Tip:

The words you use are less important than your INTENT.

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