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Your Word for Today is “Nimble”

Did you have a grade school teacher who insisted on teaching his or her students a “word of the day”? You were given the definition of the word, and then instructed to use it as much as possible during the day. While the word of the day is an effective means of learning single words, you would be reincarnated into several subsequent lifetimes by the time you could amass a substantial vocabulary by learning a single word every day.

That said, this message focuses on a single word: nimble. This interesting little word is a versatile adjective that can be used to describe various activities.

Synonyms for Nimble:

                     spry, agile, lively, active, quick, dexterous

OK – so now that you’ve learned the meaning of the word – here is an example of how to use the word “nimble” correctly in a sentence.

She has such a nimble gait to her walk.

Here is another you may recognize:

Jack be Nimble. Jack be quick. Jack Jumped over the candlestick!


Of course, accumulating a good vocabulary and understanding words on a surface level is not sufficient. You must understand words on a deeper level to gain a sense of their true vibration and impact.

Here is something fun for singles

The next time you find yourself in the company of a fascinating stranger and desire to break the ice, ask an intelligent question. Make your inquiry something that will make Mr. or Ms. Intriguing think a little, but not so difficult as to trigger a meltdown. You may generate a potentially beautiful friendship.

One possibility is to ask something like “How do you spell hyperbole?”  Just be sure to pronounce the word correctly. Whether or not your companion knows the correct spelling, the ice has been broken.

Hopefully you’ve found this brief foray into the world of words enjoyable and . . . nimble.  If you are not yet caught up, you have work to do. There’s a great training you should check out.  But I can’t recall what it’s called. The name was so catchy, too . . .

Shannon Panzo

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