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After reviewing the list of things that ZOX Pro enables our clients to do, I have decided to revisit these points for your benefit. Please remember that ZOX Pro Training can help you with as many things as you can think of. We are only going over a short list of these benefits. Within the contents below, there are a few seldom mentioned gems of pure genius. Make sure to find them.


Perspectives of Success

Huge oversight… Sometimes the most obvious topics fail to get the proper amount of emphasis given to them. The exercises contained in ZOX Pro Training are easy to learn and use. In fact, when you use our simple set of daily exercises you will immediately begin to improve…

Reading is a “thing of the past”. Achieve a MINIMUM speed of 25,000 words per minute. Even at this speed, you are consuming books at 100 times the average reading speed – Imagine how much knowledge you could gain at that rate! Our clients easily reach 50,000, 100,000, or more.

Retain 100% of the information you absorb for the rest of your life – (most people only retain around 5% of the information they read)


Photographic Memory

Unlock your built-in photographic memory. Your photographic memory is yours from birth. You never lose this ALL NATURAL ability. Learning to read in the traditional way schools teach compromises your FREE ACCESS to this ability. You are taught how to turn it all back on.


Brain Power and Memory

Brain Power is often gauged by how much you remember things. Never forget anything again – Gain an impeccable memory! By simply performing the ZOX Pro exercises that stimulate the brain to the threshold for neuroplasticity to take place, many truly wonderful things happen, like growing more memory. You also stimulate production of new neurons (brain cells), new neural paths, strengthening and connecting older disused paths, and putting this whole massive superhighway to good use. It is ready for you to succeed at anything you want to do.

Achieve a Laser like ability to concentrate – never get distracted again. You are taught the concentration method that Albert Einstein developed and used. Think what you could do with all that brain power.


Peripheral Vision

Your peripheral vision and eyesight increases ten-fold. Your awareness and perception can be raised to the level of professional psychics and cognitive masters. As all of the exercises seem independent, they all work together as one to create a unique synchronicity.


Law of Attraction

The remaining benefits shown below are a result of you using the training. Yes, the Law of Attraction is very powerful. Nobody can escape it. As we are an extension of the universe and all creation, likewise we are tied to the Law of Attraction like an umbilical cord to our existence.

Your mind naturally becomes more resilient as the fog lifts. You become much more effective, organized, and efficient. Your self esteem and self confidence will increase naturally.

You learn to properly relax, and create less stress.

The amount of sleep you need is less, and wake up with more energy and enthusiasm.

Find Yourself – Discover YOUR BEST PATH, and easily stay on track to achieve all the results you desire in your life. Make your goals and dreams a reality.

Facilitate renewed health and wellness of your mind and body, simply by telling your mind to do it for you.

Learn to fully utilize the Law of Attraction to bring you everything you need – everything you are meant to have in your life.

Awaken your intuition and use it in your everyday life to develop a heightened perception – an internal guide that moves you to achieving success and safeguarding you from harm.

Discover new methods of creative problem solving and lateral thinking; solving your toughest problems “while you sleep!” Imagine how much more you will achieve when you set your mind to work overnight! Tesla, Einstein, and many other great inventors others did.

Tune up your brain so you can work smarter – not harder.

Shatter negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs forever, so you can take charge and move forward in all areas of your life, to end your frustration forever.

Quickly and easily tap into the unlimited part of your brain that will allow you to truly unlock your unlimited potential

Harness the SECRET POWER that has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to achieve phenomenal results and major success in all areas of their lives … AND …

Become increasingly happier!


Worthwhile Results

NOW, all of these, and more, can be yours for just DOing the ZOX Pro Exercises DAILY, with steadfast COMMITMENT, and by following a few simple principles…

Change is a fact of life. Embrace change and it will empower you. If you are not changing, then you are not living.

Fashion your goals for you to see results along your path. You can also set “benchmarks” or “guide posts” to help you define where you are at along your path.

Treat your established outdated beliefs as a hindrance to success. When a belief proves itself valuable for you to progress, keep it, at least for now. If a belief is limiting or inhibiting your abilities, get rid of it or modify it so that it works within your personal system. By changing the beliefs that are getting in the way of your success, you are one step closer to the tidal wave of results washing over you.


Different Walks of Life

I say this often, but I still do not say it enough. We teach people from all walks of life, from all over the globe. They have different lifestyles, different ways of interacting, and many different ways of learning things. They come from different social-economic backgrounds, different religions, and have highly varied belief systems. Oh, how boring the world would be if we were all the same. The differences are things that often draw us together, and sometimes push us away from one another.


A Path Well Trodden Leads to Success

It is because of the differences, especially the differences in belief systems, that surface when learning and using ZOX Pro Training. Even though the training is presented the same for everyone, clients have a vision as to what they would like their goals to be. We see that the most successful client is likely to be on the golden path of small steps. What I mean here is the client will set up small goals that can easily be dealt with to get to the next goal. These are “golden” steps because they build consistency of successes. Long range goals are easier to conquer when you have already gained successes along your path.


Risk Taking and Goal Setting

On the other hand, I also see the “risk taker” with the “all or nothing” goal. When goals are set too high, they may be set just too far out of reach for your path within the length of your endurance. You may only be minutes or hours away from reaching that goal, when you just run out of steam. What most risk takers do not understand is they just did not reach their goal. Did they fail? No, they just did not reach the lofty goal they set. We would much rather see you on the golden path of success.


Time Well Spent

Once you experience what ZOX Pro Training does for you, you will not regret spending the time it took to get there. The benefit for you is immense. So, don’t let time stand in your way. The most productive clients approach ZOX Pro Training with complete abandon. They simply know it is going to work, and they do whatever it takes to make it work. That same client will see the riches much earlier than others that are not so committed.


The Watched Pot Never Boils

(From the Don’ts List) Clients that set their clock to limit the amount of time they spend using the process, or continue to look at the Calendar, are causing psychological pressure and stress within themselves. The stress they create blocks them from seeing results, even when they are having results. It causes them to second guess everything. Their conscious mind will happily join into the fray to tell them that they are not accomplishing anything; because their conscious mind cannot do these things – ONLY their subconscious mind can.


Payday is just around the corner

The TIME you spend learning and using ZOX Pro Training will easy be gained back over and over as your effectiveness and efficiency in life increases and moves you from drudgery to living every day in blissful excitement.

Time to Blast Off and Change Your Life!

Shannon Panzo, PhD

Great Things Happen Here With Zox Pro!

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  • Hi,
    Can you forward me some video footage of ZOXing in action.
    Best wishes

    • James,
      When you take ZOX Pro Training, we have a video clip in the training that shows you the technique.
      Just showing you the technique as a video will not explain how to do it, or what you should be doing. So providing a video at this point is like providing you an empty glass and claiming there is water in the glass for you to drink.
      During the training we provide you the training so you understand what you are doing, as well as the action.
      Take the training. Then we can fill your glass with water, before you drink.

  • Shannon,
    I can’t get the training because I live in Nigeria, and there is no way to get you the payment. Can you advise me on things? I would really like your help.

    • Augustine,
      We know that some countries, including Nigeria, have definite problems when you attempt to purchase anything outside of your country. Some people from Nigeria have been successful in making their purchase by going through a third party that does not live there. We have no idea who that would be.
      Sorry, we are already very busy answering questions of paid clients, we do not advise people outside of the system.
      Good Luck with your endeavors.
      Shannon Panzo