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Pondering Freedoms…

The world has shifted around a little since I first published this article. It just seems a little more dangerous by common standards, both in deed and in the freedom of speaking aloud about certain subjects. It seems just yesterday, others would honor your opinion, even if they disagreed with it. Now, you can be labeled a radical simply by re-reporting what the nightly news told the world about.

The cry of “heresy” to divided opinion seems to signal the erosion and eventual death of the freedoms you still have. If this comes true, the results are dire for the world at large. Only the will of the people can change this perception. It is time for the people to act; to stop the further loss of freedom and regain whatever they can of the freedoms that have already been taken away. Great authors of the past have written about “Big Brother” watching over you and guiding your movements. If people want that as their desired reality, then they do not need to lift a finger. It will simply take place. The gears are already turning.

If you are not sure about what I am talking about, mentally turn back the clock at least 15 years. Think about how your attitude, perception, and opinions were about the people, places, and things around you. Look how those same things have changed. That should give you at least a fuzzy picture. Look for what has changed; what is different.

As you celebrate Independence Day in the USA, (Other countries recognize there own version of this holiday.) It is important to remember what it really is all about. Why did all those people loose their life during wars? By the loss of life, freedoms were gained. Those freedoms should not be given up easily. By doing so, we disgrace the people that laid down their lives to earn those freedoms. The war is already underway, and you probably do not even realize it. It is a war of attrition of your willpower. It is up to each and every one of us to choose.

Independence and Freedom

Ask yourself, what does Independence and Freedom mean to you? Is it something you cherish, or is it something you say with offhand disregard?

Independence is defined as being free of that which binds you, or your freedom from obstacles that inhibit progress. WOW!

So what are the things that inhibit your progress, bind you, or prevent you from being free? I believe your list would be very long. So let’s narrow the parameters a little to see where it takes us.

Since this is, we should narrow it to your mind, your mental process, your beliefs, your inhibitions etc. In other words, what or who manipulates you or inhibits the way you think about things.

One of the easiest ways for you to be inhibited or prevent yourself from doing things that you want to do, or being the person you really want to be, is fear. The fear resides within you. But in most circumstances that fear did not originally come from you. It was given to you from something or someone else.

Most times these fears are installed in us from people. It may seem harmless in the way it is approached. People may say things like, “You don’t want to be that way. What will other people think?” Other people can be ‘that way’, and often they are. But you will take it on board that you should not be ‘that way’, because of someone’s opinion.

I can give you a clear example of what I am saying. I will use an example from past times, so don’t beat me up with nostalgia. Let’s start with you and your best friend walking down the street. You see someone you recognize and you remark how “cool” that person is. Your friend answers, “You don’t want to be like that.” As time goes on, no matter what it relates to, anytime you mention something is “cool”, your friend upends you.

It’s time for a decision. Either you decide to be cool, like cool things, and do cool things, or you decide to keep your friend, be un-cool and do only un-cool things. More than likely, from that point on, any time in your life, cool things will automatically be rejected by you. Yes, I know,… it is a little over simplified but is an example. It’s not set in stone.

Mental Exercise

Look back in your past memories in your mind and find events that turned your attention to a different direction. These can still inhibit you today. These are the things that block your progress. They restrict your freedom and limit your independence.

You can be an independent person if you choose to. If you want your independence back, your freedom to choose for yourself, then you need a system that supports your efforts and gives you the ability to move yourself, and your mind, in that direction.

From my educated point of view, you need information; lots of it, and you also need a device that will assist you in manifesting change in your life. It would also help if you had a way to exercise your brain, make it stronger, and clear of the cobwebs for better decision making.

You must be thinking right now. “There must be some type of system that does all these things, and can truly help me gain independence and freedom; to be more the person I want to be.”

Well, guess what? There just happens to be an independence freedom machine very close at hand. It’s easy to use as well. Have you ever heard of ZOX Pro Training? What about Brain Management?

Are you tired of not being the vibrant independent person you believe you should be. Here is your chance. CHANGE IT!

Yes, you can obtain the freedom you truly deserve. Learn to create your independence in your mind first. Then it will show up in all aspects of your life. Free yourself!

Great Things Happen Here!

For Freedom and Independence…

This article has many lessons tied into it. I hope you gained some valuable insight from it. In Gratitude…

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