Financial Doom-Sayers Cause Plague Outbreak!

What steps are you taking to inoculate yourself against the onslaught of bad news?

It is a well known fact that when you are mentally stressed, your body is less likely to resist disease. Is there something you can do to increase your resistance to the likes of “Bad News Bob”. Bad News Bob is my name for the person that greets you with a wretched little smile as he is getting ready to put another nail into your financial coffin. The ‘award winning’ Gloom and Doomer of the TV network that takes great pride in telling you just how bad you are doing, no matter how well off you think you are.

Bad News Bob is just like any infectious disease by making you feel bad, lowering your resistance, and making you susceptible to all kinds of unhealthy outside influence. When you are sick, it makes it pretty hard to think of creating wealth and a good life.

Bad News Bob’s job is to make you feel bad. He makes you feel bad, but at the same time you come back to watch him, probably hoping that he will have a change of heart and reveal something uplifting for a change. Not a Chance. The reason why Bad News Bob is so revered by his colleagues is that he is a ‘specialist’ in making loads of money for the TV station by telling bad news. There is a saying in the News Industry,

“News Sells, But BAD NEWS sells better!”

So what can you do to defend yourself against Bad News Bob? We have choices. One of the choices we have is also the best way to get the point across to the news channel. That choice is to TURN OFF Bad News Bob. When people turn off their TV or turn over to another channel when the Bad News Bobs come on, the Network begins to loose market share. They begin to loose money. If we consolidate enough people to turn away from the Bad News Bobs, the industry will listen, because they must.

We, in the Self Improvement Industry have a different saying:

“Garbage In, Garbage Out”

That simply means that the information that you allow in, affects how you think about things. There is no nice way to say this; if you continuously strive to put good encouraging and uplifting information into your mind, you will tend to reinforce the good things happening in your life. If you choose to let Bad News Bob be your guidance system, what do you think your outcome will be.

Some of you are actually thinking, “But don’t they have our best interests in mind when they are telling us these things? No, they have their best interests in mind, not yours.”

Be AWARE out there!

Shannon Panzo

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  • Great post today.

    Thanks for the boost. Your brass is encouraging.

  • That’s exactly right…

    My television was turned off after Sept 11th. I have infilled my mind for these last years with the highest mind teachings from everywhere every day. Now I just watch the wonderful effects come into my life, and I am having a ball just living!
    Turn it off…Turn it all off! (lol), and have fun. Live simply, no drugs, no anything. Pure life, from the mind. Out into the world with love,… it’s easy. Job done! Thank you God…

  • Jacqueline,

    Good for YOU! It is good to see some people can stick to their guns. You even received a positive result to your resolution. Congratulation!