Times are Tough! Are You “Trying Hard Enough”?

Are you plagued by falling short of inevitable success? Here is a revelation of how even the simplest things can cause us a great amount of discomfort. By learning about these, you may choose to take necessary steps to modify events in your own life to create a better life for yourself.

The topics I write about are varied because I have more interests than the average person. That is what happens when you condition your brain and use Mental Photography for most of your adult life. My ability to talk to people about virtually anything makes life rather interesting. I see connections where most others don’t. I have been blessed many times over in my journey through life – and I am grateful.

Illusion of Disbelief

The following incident comes from my interaction with one of my clients. The words she used revealed a picture of disbelief. Even though the client was in complete denial that this had any effect on how she thought about things, or events unfolding, it was clear to me what impact it was having. Cause and effect is easily recognized when you know what to look for.

I have worked with people from all over the world, with all different backgrounds, education, and social status. I have found that there is one truly insidious word that infiltrates and undermines even the most stalwart decision maker. When pointed out, I am often greeted with a ‘whatever’ glance and complete disregard for what I just brought to their attention. (It reminds me of the look I probably gave my 3rd Grade English teacher when she said the using the word “ain’t” is bad English.) There is a word so entwined with the English language, people will often defend its’ position it the language so that they don’t need to stop using it.

Try to use the word “try”

I will give you an enigma to solve: “Try to use the word ‘try’.” By what the word means, you would never be able to use it. I will explain what I mean as we go along. I don’t want to ruin the suspense.

I have a bone to pick with a person long dead. The person that invented the word “try”. I often have someone say to me, “I am trying really hard to…” That one sentence sends cymbals crashing in my head whenever I hear it.

It may sound like I am being very pedantic here, but let me tell you a story. Now, put those fuzzy focus glasses on while I relate something to you. I teach people how to overcome themselves. People get in their own way when seeking success. What that means is that most people run a series of destructive and self-sabotaging recordings through their head. The result is self-sabotage. Therefore, they have failed before they even came close to succeeding.

Whenever people say something, they can actually be saying two completely different things. While they would think they are saying, “It’s all go!” they may actually be telling themselves that they really only expect to fail at what it is that they are talking about. I will give you an example of what I mean.

We have 2 sentences: “Lift the glass of water off the table” and “Try to lift the glass of water off the table”. While the first sentence is clearly a sentence that leads to a direct action, what is the second sentence saying? Will the glass of water ever be lifted from the table? The answer to this is obviously No.

Just by adding the word “try” to the sentence, the action was Defeated before it ever began. It was a waste of breath to utter the second sentence because it results in nothing, a complete impasse, a mere suggestion of things that will never be.

Remember, what prompted me to write about this is a student (client) of mine that told me they were “trying really hard” to get results from the training, and they were not. Now, there are a lot of problems associated with that one very small statement, and those cymbals crashed again. If my client is “trying” to gain results, what is my client going to achieve? NOTHING! The act of ‘trying’ creates the frequency that you are already defeated, even before you begin.

I proceeded to point out to my client how counter-productive the word ‘try’ is. And yes, I got the same old liturgy of reasons why they need to be able to freely use such a destructive word. Well, it is their choice.

There should be a law that states, “if a word corrupts the action intended within a statement to point of no action, then that word should be abolished”. Chaucer was always inventing words. Maybe it is he that should be held accountable. I am always looking to gain new information. If there is anyone that knows the true story why and when the word ‘try’ was invented, I would love to know.

Let’s go back to the enigma I posed for you earlier. If you Try to use the word Try, then you would never be able to use the word. Attaching the word Try on the front of that sentence negates the effect of the rest of the sentence, as if the sentence never existed in the first place. The optimum statement of inaction.

The wonderful thing that happens when my clients participate in the training I teach, everything that is assigned for them to do is an exercise. Each of these exercises do exercise and strengthen the brain. So it is very easy for my clients to switch out the word ‘try’ with ‘exercise’, because they are exercising the brain!

So good luck out there to all you self-defeatists that want to disregard what I have to say and defend a word that does nothing but corrupt any action associated with it. You are the people that represent the great unwashed, the non-leaders, and the people that will never truly leave a mark on this world except a grave stone. Face it, when you continue to ‘Try’, and when that doesn’t work, you even ‘Try Harder’, or ‘Try Really Hard’, and it still doesn’t work, you fail. If you choose not to be that person, what difference would changing a little word make? (That is topic for another day.)

“A life conditioned with repeated failure is just the same as a life that is conditioned with repeated success, except you’re going the opposite direction.” – by ME!

Great Things Happen! (If you let them.)

Shannon Panzo

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  • Pingback: Times are Tough! Are You “Trying Hard Enough”? - The Secret Law Of Attraction & Unlimited Brain Power Blog

  • Thanks for the Great insights. I think these insights are always helpful whether you are a beginner or an advanced Master of Mental Photography. It keeps you on the right path.

  • Thanks for the Great insights. I think these insights are always helpful whether you are a beginner or an advanced Master of Mental Photography. It keeps you on the right path.