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Brain Management Home Study Training vs. ZOX Pro Training

Here is a question that I get asked a lot. Many people want to know…

What is the difference between ZOX Pro Training and the Brain Management Home Study Training?

The Brain Management Home Study Training came first. When Brain Management expanded into the global market, we were pulled in all directions. We were asked to teach groups of people all over the world. But you can only cover a small number of places. Many people in isolated areas were not able to travel to the classes in their region of the world. We did not want anyone to miss out. We needed a solution. Richard Welch, the Father of Mental Photography, realized we needed the Home Study Version of the Brain Management Seminar. Thus, the Brain Management Home Study Training was born.

from seminar to your home

Since the Home Study Training was created from a very successful seminar, it allowed us to provide a simple version of our core teaching. It provides the right tools and exercises for you to gain results. The results are only limited to the limits of your imagination. The exact same thing can be said about ZOX Pro Training.

Both, the Brain Management Home Study Training and ZOX Pro Training are derived from the same source, the Brain Management Seminar; it was disseminated to 2 rather different platforms. While the Home Study Training is a physical package with CDs sent to you, ZOX Pro Training is a complete Internet package, and nothing is physically sent to you. Even though there are minor differences, we have kept the focus, and results you can achieve are the same – UNLIMITED.

platforms, pricing and distribution

Others have asked, “Why is the pricing different?” When you have a physical product, you must build, store, and service that product. On top of that, there is shipping and other things that add costs when people are handling the product from creation to delivery. The price reflects this. Digital products don’t have the limitations, and we can pass the savings on to you, the client.

Since most of our clients are not really interested in all the things that lead up to the distribution of our training displayed on the two different platforms, they generally don’t think of these things when they are looking at the difference between the two trainings. Both are still available today.

If you want the digital ZOX Pro Training, you can buy it at

If you want to purchase the Brain Management Home Study Training, you can CLICK on this link:

I hope this helps you in your decision making process.

I like to give people something of useful value to take with you to think about today.

information conquers fear

“Fear is like dying of a thousand cuts. The more you fear, the less you will experience Life.” – Shannon Panzo

The only person in charge of your fears and can actually change the way you see fear and react to it is you. You can respect what or who can hurt you. That will never change. But when you fear the same thing, it takes over that portion of your life. Too many fears, and you are not living your life the way you should do innovations.

“Superior information conquers fear.” – Shannon Panzo

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  • I took Zox Pro Training over a year ago and have to say it has given me amazing skills. I have learned to use my eidetic memory, but that is actually not all; it is more like eidetic awareness. I began to experiment with asking my subconscious questions, the fruition of this is I have learned to become a savant. Anything a savant can do you can do. All that is required is that you believe.

    I can now instantly tell you 357 to the power of 5. The awareness is astounding, I can hear the other side of phone conversations from 8 feet away. When I lay in bed at night I can call up what time it is whenever I want. I can recall my first memory as a baby. If you ask these questions, trust your intuition, and practice the dictionary drill, it will give you the confidence you need in yourself to do all of these things. You must have faith.

    Adam S

    • Adam S,

      If there was a message that I would want ALL of our clients to clearly hear, you have just nailed it. Your BELIEF and FAITH in yourself and the system are PARAMOUNT to your success. I know when the clients make their breakthroughs, because they say things like, “This is so easy. I would never have believed just how easy it really is!” It is easy, but you must travel with commitment and faith. Eventually you, the client, will see what Adam S is telling you.

      Shannon Panzo