Integrity and Truth :: Power for Healing and Wellness

Integrity and Wellness – the Healing Power of Truth

Make up a list of the qualities that develop or support your integrity. Don’t use others’ beliefs as your benchmark. Dig deep inside yourself and discover your own values.

Integrity Does Have One Common Theme – Truth

Once you have developed your list, I want you to “embrace your truth.” Come to terms with who you are. Appreciate the journey you have experienced to date and the lessons you have learned. Remember, the obstacles you have encountered have molded you into the person you are today.

Be honest with yourself. That’s how you build integrity. Embracing your truth and rejoicing in your journey does not mean broadcasting your innermost secrets publically. In fact, this is an exercise that shouldn’t be shared. In doing this exercise in discovering your examples of integrity you will find what does integrity mean to you and embrace the marvelous human being you are.

You will likely view the world differently and treat others differently as well. This is a good thing. Remember, under the Law of Attraction, how you treat others will be reflected back onto you!

The Impact of Integrity on Your Health

Your body, mind and spirit become weak and STRESSED when you don’t know your truth. It’s living a lie. You lose integrity and toughness and become vulnerable to Dis-Ease (literally NOT being at ease; translated as “disease.”) When your body is under stress, you aren’t as effective or efficient. By contrast, when you “live your truth” and start embracing the person you are, you gain resilience and strength. You ward off disease and become healthier overall. This doesn’t guarantee you will never get sick, but if you do catch a cold or the flu, your illness will be short-lived.

This Is What You Gain By Having Your Integrity

When you gain integrity in the workplace, you also gain momentum you can use to achieve what you want. Your health will rebound new found energy.

Shannon Panzo

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  • Hi , My Integrity was built since more than 50 years ago, when I was about 20 years of age ,I respect your advice which I can also cosider it as mine , I agree with you of all what mentioned . Under the law of attraction I treat others ,since hate ,hattered & elevated reflect back onto the health (body & mind)creating blac spots ,diseases,leading to death > I am in good health all my life no diseases at all , I sleep quitely , happly & healthy , any problem meet me can be solved easily (With wisdum & good treatment). thank you w/best wishes Dr. Jaser Ammouri