Mind to Mind Thinking About … Life


Ask Yourself:

What direction is your life going?  Do you want to have it go in a different direction?  Does ‘change’ intimidate or frighten you?  Do you care more about what other people think over your well-being?  When people ‘help’ you, does it feel more like a hindrance?

But why am I asking these questions?

Because these are the tough questions.  They are the questions that will make a difference in how your life plays out from this point forward.

I am reminded of a recent TV commercial:

A man, his wife, and baby sitting in a park.  The man asks his wife,  “If I died tomorrow, you would not have any security to fall back on.  What about life insurance?” His wife replies,  “Look over there!  There is a bird flying around that tree.”

Do you think that maybe his wife does not like to talk about life insurance or death?  Maybe she just doesn’t like tough questions.  Well, in your case it doesn’t matter what she likes or dislikes.  What matters is what you do.

Stop evading the tough questions.  These are the questions that will make or break you in your future life.  (And no, I am NOT selling life insurance!)

Great Things Happen Here!

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  • brett geissmann

    I love it when you make me stop and really think about how to use the tools you’ve given me. It takes my focus off recall, and surfaces more significant perspectives to what are most important to focus on for the night’s programming; answering questions and problems.