Subliminal Advertising is Mans Greatest Invention!


I would love to see the expression on your face right now…
Just when you thought I was sending you another ‘bleep’ about Internet Marketing, I am giving you CRITICAL INFORMATION about your brain. This is all about how your mind works!
When you learned to read, you were told that you had to give up the infantile way you had learned so well up to then. As you learn to read, you disconnect from your natural photographic (eidetic) memory. But, you never lose it. You have just lost touch with it. Inadvertently, you have given up your ability to access your photographic memory.
Fortunately, all is not lost. While you have been ‘reading’ inefficiently, you have unknowingly let a MONSTER run your subconscious in the background. This monster is exercising something that you misplaced – access to your photographic memory. This monster is also known as Subliminal Advertising.

There is a MONSTER in your closet!

Why do I refer to subliminal advertising as a monster? Most of you know the stories of how subliminal advertising started back in 1957. You must also realize the first products that used subliminals in their advertising also became the biggest names in their industries.
Most businesses today believe the only way to stay competitive in their market is to continuously pummel you with subliminal advertising. It is estimated the subliminal advertising industry does business in the 100’s of billions of dollars each year. That is more than what some countries are worth.
So, yes, I am justified in saying that subliminal advertising IS a monster, a large monster that eats holes in your wallet.
You thought you were doing nothing; just sitting there watching TV, reading magazines, and listening to your favorite music. But, you were wrong. The subliminal advertising that takes its toll on your wallet every day has actually been exercising and refreshing something very precious – your photographic memory! Subliminal advertising does the job it is meant to do because it uses the photographic memory as its medium for programming your subconscious to do its bidding.

Shopping Addiction & Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

So what is subliminal advertising doing for you? Is it making you work harder and longer to ‘satisfy the beast’? Does it make you buy things you just gotta’ have? I remember the lady that had 27 sets of china. Most of them were still in the unopened box they came in. What about the guy that has several hundred golf clubs. He can only use so many when he goes golfing. And his name is NOT Tiger Woods. Look around, we all know someone like this. It may even be you.
Is this behavior a little close to obsessive-compulsive disorder? Maybe; or just maybe  subliminal advertising is accelerating the buying patterns, and pushing people over the edge to become “Collectors”?
So now that you have realized that most people have a monster in their closet that exercises the photographic memory, and keeps it nimble and quick. Let’s go back to a solution to help you reconnect that unique thing that you were born with and never lose.

You have been Hypnotised since Birth

What would you do if you were suddenly in control of your buying habits? What if all of the things that you have been persuaded to do, even when you didn’t want to do them, suddenly no longer had importance. Just think what you could do with all of your energy that you have given up is now restored back to its rightful owner – YOU!

Gain Control

FEAR NOT! Enter Mental Photography (ZOXing). Mental Photography asserts itself to give you access to what you have misplaced; the ‘remote control’ to your photographic memory. Once you reconnect and gain control over your access, you can also affect the other things (subliminal advertising) that influence you.
So, thanks to Subliminal Advertising, your monster in your closet, you still have a well-oiled photographic memory to tap into!

You see the problem.

You know the solution.

Do something about it!

Great Things Happen Here!

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  • Took ZOX Pro Training. Yes, I am aware of the subliminal stuff. But thank you for the warning, as I no long watch TV or listen to the radio and am learning to place emails in the spam folder and delete them.

  • Hi Shannon,

    Love your information on the various subjects you write about like subliminal advertising, and the like.

    Keep up the great work, and keep us Zoxers informed about anything New in Mental Photography.


    • Thanks Patricia,

      There is more good information about your brain, your mind, the mental abilities, and other good things.

  • I’m interested in trying ZOX Pro Training. I’ll try the free module first and see how it goes.

  • I have used these techniques every day to help me through life’s ups and downs. I can only say you helped me achieve beyond my dreams since that first weekend in 1999.

    Being able to see and resist the onslaught of subliminal messages everywhere in print, TV, Seminars has been one of the most useful skills you awakened in me after the ability to absorb information like it was water on a wet sponge.

    You have honoured your lifetime updates and refresher I thank you for your integrity and dedication.

    Thank You
    David T

    • Hi David T,

      The main thing you did right, to gain the success you have had along the way, was to follow our instructions. That is all anyone needs to do.

      Some people think if they combine our training with other techniques, they will make it easier somehow. Unfortunately for them, it is not going to help; only hinder their results. AFTER they learn ZOX Pro Training, they can then apply it to any other training to gain better success with those other trainings.