The Secret Law of Attraction – The Missing Link

The Secret Law of Attraction has a missing link, do you know what it is?

The Secret Law of Attraction would be more effective if you have already tried a bunch of things or shall we say if you have already traveled the road. However, most people have not traveled the road yet, so how are they going to absorb The Secret?

Even if you haven’t tried a bunch of things yet, you can still absorb The Secret Law of Attraction by filling the gap between you and The Secret. The missing component in The Secret will be found in any one of our Trainings; ZOX Pro Training, the Brain Management Seminar, or eBrain Executive Seminar to be able to achieve results with the Secret. Our trainings assist people to find themselves and find their own path through life. The Mental Photography which has the inherent ability to strengthen the brain, clear out the cobwebs, and allow the brain to function as it should – FAST and CLEAN that will make The Secret Law of Attraction 100 times more effective.

Scientists studied some of our clients who were using Mental Photography and they have observed that there was a brainwave output showing that there was something different happening.

Do you want The Secret Law of Attraction to work for you?

If you have already invested a lot of time and energy and have done all the things that The Secret said to do and still not achieved the results you wanted, then Brain Management and Mental Photography can give you a huge leg-up to gain the techniques and the understanding of what it takes to make the Secret work for you.

Remember: If you just didn’t have all the information up front, do not blame yourself neither all those ‘Secret’ Coaches! Well, we are here to fill the gap between you and The Secret Law of Attraction effectiveness.

The Secret Law of Attraction really works if you have fill in the gaps and prepare to participate.

We have applied Fuzzy Logic in our technology to make our system, and systems like the Secret Law of Attraction much easier. We have a seminar in Australia for this called the “eBrain Executive Seminar” and this will really keep you on track.

What is My Agenda?

My agenda is whatever YOUR agenda is. Feel free to think, feel, and be who you want to be, to find the best you can be; trust Yourself!

So, what is my objective?

My objective is to help those that want to help themselves to GAIN CLARITY to fully utilize The Secret Law of Attraction! We all want to live in a world that is kind, loving, and abundant, NOT a  life full of fear, disease, and need. So isn’t it about time you did just that?

Great Things Happen Here!

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  • I have read and heard many things about Law of Attraction and The Secret movie recommended concepts. Sounds very interesting. But getting results. What’s the catch?

    • Shirish,

      The first thing you must ask yourself is, “Are you Lucky?” Does the sun automatically shine on your every footstep whether it is rainy or sunny, day or night? If you completely believe that way, then you will be lucky and things will always manifest to your best direction. If you have not been walking that path, then how are you going to make that type of quantum leap in faith to carry it out? Most people that are attracted to this magical way of doing things are often the people that walk in failure, not success.

      I am not saying it is impossible. Not at all. What I am saying is it is highly probable you can achieve it with the proper training and support to light your way. But without that support, most people find the task impossible, to fall back to the old way they did things.

      Another thing you need to consider perspective. There is a saying, “Be careful what you wish for.” When things are not properly thought out before setting them to manifest, sometimes the thing you wanted to see happens, only to reveal you did not want it in the first place. This can be a terrible result.

      The biggest hint is – the vision boards don’t work. You, with your limited conscious mind, are setting up a static, and many times unrealistic picture that you are to step into. What if you only gain 20%, 50%, 70%, or even 100% of what your vision board has. At what point do you proclaim you have succeeded? That is only 1 implication. There are too many complexities to take into consideration when you are moving your life this way. And setting up a static image of exactly what you want in life is much trickier than it sounds.

      We have a way that deals directly with these issues. We have been teaching the Law of Attraction for over 35 years; long before “The Secret” came along. Our advanced techniques are ONLY revealed in the eBrain Executive Seminar.

      Remember, the sword cuts both ways.

      Shannon Panzo